Triple play optical fiber distribution box technical information

Three-in-one box/three-in-one box three-in-one box, three-in-one box, three-in-one optical fiber splitter box, three-in-one optical fiber splitting box, three-in-one optical distribution box, triple play One optical splitter box, three-in-one optical fiber corridor box, three-in-one optical fiber distribution box (commonly shared and shared by three networks) specification configuration, three-in-one box specifications (24-cell, 36-cell, 48-cell, 72 Core, 96 cores, 144 cores) Size can be customized triple box: 700*600*120mm (Telecom, Mobile, Unicom, Broadcasting)

Triple play box: 700*500*150mm (Telecom, Mobile, Unicom, Broadcasting)

Triple play box: 750*550*150mm (Telecom, Mobile, Unicom, Broadcasting)

Triple play box: 550*450*120mm (Telecom, Mobile, Unicom, Broadcasting) Sharp Tip: (Remark: The above quotation does not include pigtail, flange, optical splitter) If necessary, please contact our staff contact……

Such as: the appearance of the box needs to be printed logo (free) Please describe clearly with the staff so as to avoid unnecessary trouble Rui speed professional telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom, Railcom, radio and television supply ancillary products

The product description is as follows:

Product introduction: FTTH outdoor wall-mounted optical splitter box is used for the wiring connection of optical cable and optical communication equipment. Through the adapter in the wiring box, the fiber jumper leads out the optical signal to realize the optical wiring function. Applicable to FTTH engineering fiber optic cable to the building, installed in the corridor, basement, computer room and building exterior wall. The optical fiber cable can also be welded to the drop cable after being dialed by the splitting distribution box to realize the through function of the optical cable and meet the requirements of the traditional transmission network engineering.

First, the main features:

1. Effectively achieve the integration of mobile, China Unicom, and telecommunications networks. Great savings in construction space and construction strength;

2. The box body is made of cold-rolled plate, which is treated by electrostatic spray and has beautiful appearance, clear lines, good anti-corrosion and waterproof performance, and long service life.

3. Optical splitter module adopts drawer type modular design, which has strong interchangeability and versatility;

4. Take the design of the left and right structure and the structure of the upper and lower structures. There are optical fiber fusion layers on the left and right sides, and the upper layer on the right is the optical splitter wiring layer, and the lower layer is the optical fiber fusion layer;

5. In the case of consistent chassis form and thickness, the maximum number of fiber splice trays is 6 to meet any type of connection in the construction process;

6. All kinds of connectors are convenient for termination and installation is flexible. Used for termination, use, and management of fiber optic cables in wiring closets and between equipment;

7. The door lock adopts high quality outdoor waterproof lock and the box body is mounted on the wall;

8. Has a temporary tail fiber storage area;

9. Support management of various fiber connectors, such as SC, LC, ST, MT-RJ, etc.

Second, technical parameters:

1. Working temperature: -30~+60 degrees, storage temperature -40~+60 degrees 2. Door opening angle: 180 degrees

3. Atmospheric pressure: 70Kpa-106Kpa

4. Optoelectronic performance: insertion loss ≤ 0.2dB; additional loss ≤ 0.2B

5. Return loss ≥ 45dB; additional loss ≤ 5dB

6. Plug durability life> 1000 times 7. Electrical performance: Insulation resistance ≥ 1000MΩ 500V (DC)

8. Electrical strength: Can withstand 3000V (DC) / 1min no breakdown / no arcing III. Applicability index:

1. Nominal operating wavelength 850nm\1310nm\1550nm;

2. Fiber optic cable conforms to GB/T11819 and GB/T7424 specifications;

3. The fiber optic connector complies with GB12507 and related standards and specifications;

4. The front operation and installation are very quick and convenient;

5. Splitter socket board can be flipped, butterfly optical fiber can be stored, easy maintenance and multiple maintenance of fiber optic cable;

6. Configure two standard inserter splitter installation slots to install two 1:4/1:8 inserter splitters;

7. Product Weight: Wall Mount: 22KG

Mosaic: 21KG

8. Product material: Cold-rolled sheet 9. Product color: Regular gray

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