[Focus] 2016 New Energy Vehicle Subsidy / Charging / Pl…

2016 is the first year of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”. During the year, the state introduced various preferential policies to support the development of new energy vehicles from the aspects of macro, security, finance, technology and infrastructure. As of the end of December 2016, t

Titanium dioxide prices at home and abroad to stimulate…

The domestic titanium dioxide market has established a fourth wave of price increases as Long Yao raises the market price, and manufacturers in the East China, Central China, Southwest, South China, and Northeast regions have implemented upward adjustments. Chemours International (Chemours) annou

Guangzhou Packing Machine/Packing Machine/DZ-600-4S Dou…

Product Description: Double chamber vacuum packaging is to use a vacuum cover to work alternately on two vacuum chambers, so as to achieve the effect of improving work efficiency. When one vacuum chamber is in the vacuum chamber, the other vacuum chamber can display the packaging; Applicable to pro

What impact does low temperature have on cars?

During this period of time, temperatures are getting lower and lower, not only affecting our people but also affecting cars. What impact does the cold weather have on cars? When the temperature is low, some of the performance of the car will be affected. In

How to identify true and false cross-linked cables

In the process of partial discharge and high voltage test of medium-voltage cable finished products using the series resonance test system, the phenomenon of false breakdown may suddenly occur during the test due to the respective reasons. How to correctly identify whether the cable itself has a tr

What are the inspection contents of the Gantry machinin…

If there is a problem with the gantry machining center, the most important thing is to do a comprehensive inspection to find out what the cause is, so as to solve the problem according to the reasons. For example, there is a problem with the speed of the worktable of the Gantry machi

· The first batch of "6-year exemption car" …

  On September 1, 2014, the new regulations for “excluding inspections of non-operating cars and other vehicles within 6 years” were implemented. This has caused many car owners to avoid queuing and rushing, but since September 1 this year, the first batch of inspection-free vehicle

Safety introduction of tanker semi-trailer

The tanker semi-trailer can be said to be a giant monster on the road. The huge engine is equipped with a powerful engine, and the dragging device is used to drive the oversized tank car at the back. This trailer structure is similar to that of a 6-wheel tr

How to ensure safety in a rainy day driving a sedan

The van itself is a means of transport, so no matter how to ensure safety is of primary importance, especially when driving on a rainy day. Because under the influence of the environment, it is more difficult to drive a box car in a rainy day than usual, so