The diesel engine country finalized part company prepar…

On April 23, the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the announcement No. 27 of 2014, announcing that it will abolish the diesel vehicle products that are applicable to the third phase of the national automobile emission standard (hereinafter referred to as &quo

The auto parts industry must dare to change its own lif…

Over the past decades, China’s spare parts industry has been “open enough and under-reformed” and has been in a spontaneous state of development for most of the time. As a result, many major problems have not been solved in a timely manner and are resolved effectively. Mor

Pumping rate at the eighth plant reduced continuously f…

A few days ago, the reporter learned from the Daqing Oil Production Plant that the pump rate of oil and water wells in the plant has been reduced by more than 30 percentage points over the past 12 years, from 47.6% in 2001 to 14.9% in 2013. The average pump inspection period is 805 days. M

EU develops all-polymer solar collector

China Drying Network The European POLYSOL R&D team, which is funded by the European Union's seventh R&D framework program and participated in by several member states, recently developed an all-polymer solar collector. Due to the lower raw material prices and production process costs o

My machine tool export market is mainly ASEAN region

"Insufficient domestic market demand has led more companies to shift their business focus to the international market. The recovery of equipment demand in Europe and the United States, its return to the industrial policy of equipment manufacturing, and the easing of employment pressur

How laser cutting machine companies shape brands

Brand power is the organic unity of popularity, reputation, and integrity. It refers to the degree to which a consumer's concept of a brand influences his purchase decision. Brand power is basically that of branded goods, brand culture, brand communication, and brand extension. These f

Aeolus shares: Net profit increased by 14% year-on-year…

In 2013, Aeolus achieved an operating income of 8.54 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 4.1%, a net profit of 310 million yuan attributable to the parent company, an increase of 13.9% year-on-year, and an earnings per share of 0.84 yuan, a dividend of 1.0 yuan per 10 shares (including

China Pump Industry Development Status and Prospects

During the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, the scale of investment in China's water conservancy projects was 462.8 billion yuan, of which, the investment proportion of key water conservancy projects exceeded 50%. Moreover, since 2004, the average annual growth rate of the pump industry

LED lighting industry warning: many markets are still w…

In the past ten years, many companies have witnessed the changes in China's LED lighting industry from small to large. It has also witnessed the fact that many companies have succeeded in the government's huge subsidies, which has made the market saturated or overcapacity. So, how should Ch