LED lighting companies how to get inspiration for new p…

It is inevitable to develop according to the market, but it can't be comprehensive. It can only choose the targeted development that suits the company's own conditions and meets the market demand. Combining its own brand positioning and highlighting the needs of certain market levels, it can

·The vice president of the Great Wall R&D Departme…

India's Apollo tires announced that it has appointed Seshu Bhagavathula as the new chief technology officer. He will lead all of the company's R&D, technology and design teams to develop new commercial vehicle and passenger car tire technologies. Seshu Bhagavathula recently served as t

Rock Drilling Technology Leading

Slitting Line is the most important machine before forming. Hangzhou Yibo Machinery Co.,Ltd, founded in 2003 is an professional machinery manufacturer for design, produce, service and

One final tone: Dongfeng Renault's rapid progress i…

As the youngest domestic joint-venture vehicle company, Dongfeng Renault Automobile Co., Ltd. established at the end of last year faced the same problems as Jaguar Land Rover, JEEP, and Infiniti, how to integrate the existing import vehicle marketing channels to make domestic Renault and Renault&#

May Cutting Machine Enterprise Ingredient

In the early morning, the curtains were opened, and the first warm sunshine was welcomed into the room, letting it gently caress the messy hair. Open the window, fresh and pleasant air through the window and into the room, refreshing and refreshing. Outside the window, the green tr