Yida Chemical's 200,000-ton/year methanol project i…

China Drying Network From January to July of this year, the first phase of the 200,000-ton/year methanol project of Shanxi Coking Group's Longyuan (Jiexiu) Coking Park Co., Ltd. Yida Chemical Co., Ltd. produced 76,000 tons of methanol, and completed 60.8% of the annual plan. The project is a l

Will the cell phone battery be identifiable?

The battery life of mobile phones is limited, so sometimes the phone is still good, but the battery is very useless. At this time, it is necessary to buy a new mobile phone battery. As a mobile phone user, how to choose the counterfeit and shoddy batteries that are flooding the market? Genuine batt

Hubei speeds up the connection of provincial highways

A few days ago, it was located at the junction of Mugang Town, Yangxin County, the easternmost part of Hubei Province, and Mucheng Town, Ruichang City, Jiangxi Province, at the junction of Muhang-Bianshan Line, Fenglin Town, and Henglishan Township of Ruichang City. Four provincial highway

Construction machinery industry picked up modestly

China Machinery Industry Federation recently released a report saying that since the beginning of this year, the machinery industry has continued its weak recovery trend since last year. However, due to factors such as rising costs and overcapacity, the entire industry can hardly be improv

Dump-type garbage truck

With a hydraulic lifting mechanism, the car can be tilted at a certain angle to achieve a dedicated dump truck that can be unloaded by its own weight. Applicable to sanitation, municipal, factory and mining enterprises, residential areas, garbage and more r

The government strongly supports Jiangmen LED industry …

On July 30th, “Jiangmen City Supporting Strategic Emerging Industries (Green Light Sources) Development Preferential Measures” was reviewed and approved by the Jiangmen Municipal Government's thirteenth executive meeting of the 14th session and officially implemented. Looking forwar

Application of DCS in fieldbus technology in thermal po…

All-digital control is the development direction of process control systems in thermal power plants, and field bus technology using all-digital signals is the basis for digital power plants. The new control system takes DCS as the main body, adopts the combination of intelligent instrumentation and

Analysis of the market value of auto exports in the fir…

The performance of China's auto enterprises in the domestic market and overseas markets has recently been reversed. When the domestic auto market fell into a downturn in 2012, overseas exports of automobiles (referring to vehicles, the same below) increased significantly, and exports i