Xi Jinping Inspects Ningdong Energy and Chemical Indust…

"Achieving a sound and rapid economic and social development is the primary task of the party and the country, and is also the central task that the party committees and governments at all levels in Ningxia must focus on." This is an important directive made by the Standing Committee of th

Shanxi Yangmei Group successfully modified electronical…

Xinhua News Agency, Taiyuan, April 15 (Zhou Leyi) Recently, Shanxi Yangmei Group Transportation Branch successfully modified several electronically controlled dual-fuel (gas, diesel) vehicles. The modified electronically controlled dual-fuel (gas, diesel) vehicle is based on the o

FAW was elected the "Most Influential Enterprise&q…

The “Top Ten News of Chinese Enterprises” and “Most Influential Enterprise”, “The Most Enthusiastic Entrepreneur” and “Most Growing Enterprise” sponsored by the top ten news selection committees of Chinese companies were announced in Beijing. FAW was

China will build the world's largest mill

Recently, China First Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and South Korea's Posco Steel signed a 5.5m rolling mill manufacturing export project contract. This is China's largest mill ever exported, and China's first time to provide key production equipment to world-class st

April 18 Lanzhou Steel Market Price Quotes

Product name Specification Material Steel factory/Origin price (yuan/ton) Than yesterday last week than last month General line Φ6.5mm Q235 Bagang 5030 0 30 230 High line Φ6.5-10mm Q235 Bagang 5100 0 50 280 High line Φ6 .5-10mm Q235 Jiu Steel 5100 0 50 280 Rebar Φ12-14mm HRB335 Eight S

April 18 Nanjing Steel Market Price Quotes

Product Name Specification Material Steel/Origin Price (Yuan/Ton) Yesterday Last Week High Line Φ6.5mm Q235 Xing Steel 5120 0 0 150 High Line Φ8/10mm Q235 Haixin 5120 0 0 140 High Line Φ6.5mm Q235 Rizhao 5120 0 0 160 High Line Φ6.5mm Q235 Nangang 5150 0 0 170 High Line Φ6.5mm Q335 S

April 21 Shenyang Steel Market Price Quotes

The product name specification material steel factory/origin price (yuan/ton) is Φ6.5mm higher than yesterday's last week. General line Φ6.5mm Q235 Tongsteel 5220 0 80 250 General line Φ6.5mm Q235 Siping red mouth 5190 0 80 250 High line Φ6. 5mm Q235 Tong Steel 5310 0 130 280 High

Lear: Choose Wuhan to take off

Name: Lear Business: Automotive Parts Rank: 407 Headquarters: Michigan, USA 91 years ago, the United States, Detroit, one of the world's largest auto parts manufacturers Lear Group was born. Fourteen years ago, Lear floated across the sea and landed on Oriental Detroit, handed Dongfeng Co

Sanken Becomes Ciba Environmental Protection Equipment …

Hangzhou Sanyin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., a leading company in the domestic chemical environmental protection equipment industry, has recently become a supplier to Ciba Specialty Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd. Nanjing Branch. The 6-seat exhaust gas absorption system produced in adv

January 4 Shanghai Steel Market Price Quotes

Product name Specification Material Steel / Origin Price (yuan/ton) Than yesterday last week General line Φ6.5mm Q235 Handan 4400 0 90 General line Φ6.5mm Q235 Jiuquan 4400 0 90 High line Φ6.5mm Q235 Pinggang 4550 0 90 High Line Φ6.5-8mm Q235 Beitai 4540 0 90 High Line Φ6.5-8mm Q33