Analyze the cause of motorcycle start failure and solve the problem reasonably

When we find that our motorcycle can't start up, we need to analyze the reasons that may cause the start failure. Generally, we should first check the spark plug and the oil circuit. If the oil circuit and spark plug are found to be normal, then We need to go further and check so that we can better troubleshoot.

We need to check if the ignition is positive. According to the specifications of the motorcycle, we can check the position of the ignition of the motorcycle to check whether the motor is working. Generally, we use the contact type. The magneto, the contact of the motor breaker's breaker, should be fired when the piston reaches the top. This is the most suitable position. For more specific positions, we can operate according to the instructions.

If other problems are normal, we can also check the internal pressure of the cylinder. Generally, the pressure gauge is used for inspection. The cylinder pressure gauge can be installed on the position of the spark plug, so that when we step on the starting rod, we can Observed the pressure in the cylinder, but most of us do not have a cylinder press, so I can use my hand to test, see if there is a difference between installing a spark plug and not installing a spark plug, if the difference is not big That means that the pressure inside the cylinder is normal. If we find that the pressure inside the cylinder is small after inspection, it means that the sealing in the cylinder is not good. At this time, we need to find the cause.

When checking the sealing performance of the cylinder, we should first check whether the fastening screws of the cylinder are tightened or loose. If there is no looseness, we should check whether the cylinder gasket is damaged. This is also the cause of air leakage. If you still have not checked the leak, check if the spark plug has a copper mat or if the spark plug is securely installed.

There are many situations and reasons why motorcycles can’t start.

During the inspection process, we must carefully check and eliminate it step by step. If we still do not find the cause of the motorcycle starting, we can find a professional motorcycle repair shop to carry out maintenance, which can give us the most Professional maintenance effect, when we are looking for a motorcycle repair shop, we must find a professional car repair shop. Now there are a lot of motorcycle maintenance technicians with very rough technology. In the maintenance, not only the repair is not good, but also caused Other failures, so when looking for repairs, be sure to find skilled maintenance personnel to help us repair.

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