Regularly maintain parking gates to extend their service life

In order to ensure the quality of parking lot gates, each manufacturer will choose stainless steel plates of different materials and different manufacturing processes to produce parking lot gates during production. After the production is completed, in order to ensure the appearance of the products, Different spraying processes are used for surface treatment. Before leaving the factory, in order for the equipment to operate stably, it is necessary to test the equipment repeatedly, and to ensure that the equipment can operate normally. Whether it is the choice of material before production or the continuous testing before shipment, if the maintenance of the product is neglected during the later period of use, it is simply a waste of time and the service life of the parking lot gate machine cannot be guaranteed.

There are traditional manual charges that are constantly being upgraded. On the one hand, we improve our parking efficiency. More importantly, it helps us to solve some problems in parking fees. Parking management personnel will increase the parking fees and not Give the owner an invoice. Smart parking barriers will solve these problems very well. The time for vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot and the amount of payment will be automatically calculated by the parking lot management center software. The administrator will only check if these results are correct and there is no right to Change these data, so as to avoid some irregularities in the parking fees. Therefore, the intelligent parking lot charging system will surely become the development trend of the future parking lot.

Hammerhead Tower Crane

Hammerhead Tower Crane, also known as Topkit Tower Crane, is one quite economic type among three types of tower crane. They are especially reliable for precise and accurate handling of a wide variety of heavy materials. The minimum model of our Hammerhead Tower Crane is 5T Hammerhead Tower Crane. Available BQ models of tower crane include GHT5013-5(MC85), GHT5516-6(MC110), GHT6011-6, GHT6014-8, GHT5023-10, GHT6015-10, GHT6024-10, GHT7032-12(K30/30), etc.

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