China's grain dryer users own less than 15% of developed countries

At present, domestic manufacturers of grain dryers produce different types of equipment, and the cost-effectiveness of each dryer varies greatly. The high quality, long service life, economical and practical, and reliable grain drying equipment can maximize the investment return of customers.

The moisture of foodstuffs falls below the safety line to ensure the quality of foodstuffs. The grain drying process affects the economic benefits of grain and agriculture and food circulation enterprises. China's grain drying technology has some shortcomings in the ability to dry food, high energy consumption and energy waste in drying, energy conservation and environmental protection are the development goals of the grain drying equipment industry in the future.

The proportion of users who own grain dryers in China is still less than 15% of that in developed countries. The potential for grain dryer equipment development is huge. Today, mechanized harvesting equipment has been promoted. The pilot plant for grain drying equipment in the rice-producing areas in the south has brought opportunities and challenges to the grain dryer.

Iron Oxide

Iron oxide pigment is chemical compounds composed with formula Fe3O3 . Synthetic iron oxide is the most common colorant in concrete and cement paint. Iron oxide is an important inorganic color pigment, chemical stability, strong color strength, fine dispersion and excellent light resistance, weather resistance.

Major Features:

1)Brilliantly colored powder. Eye-pleasing and durable.
2) Strong coloring power, excellent coverage.
3) Light permanency and weatherability.
4) 6~7 grade resistance to oxidation and light permeability, 4~5 grade resistance to basic materials.


1) Used in many types of paints, including anti-rust paint, water-soluble indoor/outdoor paints and oil-based paints.
2) Used for dyeing construction materials, such as mosaic bricks, for concrete bricks, pavement, colorful tiles, roofing tiles and man-made marble. Colors for ceramic body.
3) Used in paper industry, esp. rice paper.
4) Used for surface coloration of plastic epoxy floor, color for pitch.
5) Used as a more fade-resistant dye for plastics.
6) Used as pigment for cosmetic.
7) Used as coloring Sugar-coat for medicine tablets.

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