Origin of Video Access Control System and Product Selection Method

Video access control, also known as the "house rental video access control alarm system," was first proposed by Shenzhen City in order to achieve efficient management of floating population. It installed access control systems with video linkage capabilities at the entrances and exits of rental houses, peasant houses, and old villages where floating populations gathered to effectively solve the difficulties in the registration of personnel information faced by traditional floating population management and the difficulty in managing public rental housing. It is difficult to summarize the data of floating population, and it is difficult to analyze the trajectories of floating population.
In the video access control project, Shenzhen is the convergence center for access control manufacturers. The number of brands can be said to be contending. However, over the past three years, the manufacturers that are still on the video access control stage are rare. The video access control project really created a number of strong local access control brands. What really affects the living conditions of many competing brands is the competitiveness of the products and systems provided by various manufacturers in terms of function and performance.
Why the performance of video access control systems is so important
In theory, the majority of domestic access control manufacturers have also experienced historical precipitation, and in video access control projects, few manufacturers have survived the gradual phase-out of the market. The reason is that the performance of products after they are put into use is a particularly important factor. Many manufacturers' products have only entered the market after they have met the basic functional requirements of the project, but they have neglected whether the system can cope with the tremendous pressure brought about by the practical application of large-scale projects after they are put into use.
Due to the lack of actual combat and lack of experience in the application of large-scale projects, general domestic access control manufacturers cannot obtain the performance requirements of large-scale projects for access control systems. Although the video access control project is applied to the low-end occasions such as urban villages and rental housing, its front-end point is generally more concentrated, and the number of management is also huge, no less than the size of a large-scale access control project. The video access control project takes the village as the unit. The smaller village has dozens of more than one hundred buildings, and the larger ones have three or four hundred or even more than five hundred. Therefore, the access control brands generally encounter a slightly larger application in the application of such projects. In the village, as soon as the platform is put into use, many unsatisfactory areas will be discovered. For example: Platform operation is not smooth or even stuck, video capture is not even possible, and workstations cannot be started. Alarms are not timely, managers are too much. Platform capacity is fundamental. Can not meet the requirements and so on. It is precisely because of these defects in the use of, and the lack of practical experience in dealing with these performance-demanding projects, many access control manufacturers have to withdraw from this huge market.

High-performance video access control
1. Large capacity
Video access control is usually based on the village as a unit for the construction of rental housing access control systems. Smaller villages have dozens of buildings and hundreds of buildings. Larger villages may have more than 500 or even close to thousands of buildings. Each floor is 50- According to 100 people, a village may have nearly 100,000 people. The system construction based on the village as the unit is the basic requirement that the video access control must meet. The access control system for all buildings in the entire village should be built on a platform software. This imposes relatively high performance requirements on platform software and hardware equipment. Therefore, the platform design capacity requirement of the video access control system can reach 2000 buildings and 100,000 people.
2. Swipe fast response
There are many people in the video access control system, and the controllers store all the personnel and permissions of the entrances and exits where they are located. For large rental housing entrances (such as the large enclosure of Shenzhen Luohu District), there may be one controller. There are nearly 100,000 people stored offline, and the controller is required to quickly open the card and open the door (with a credit card response time < 0.2 seconds) without losing the normal access (especially during the rush hour). .
3. Data real-time bidirectional active transmission
Real-time two-way active transmission of data is the basic factor for the high performance of the video access control system. When the network is unobstructed, the platform and the front-end data require bidirectional real-time transmission. When the network is interrupted, the data is automatically sent after the network is restored.
Automatic synchronization download:
The video access control project requires a large amount of equipment to be managed and has a large population. In order to improve the convenience of platform operation and management, all the equipment parameter settings and personnel data in the system can be automatically downloaded to the front controller in real time, when the management personnel are on the platform. The software has modified the parameter settings of the door controller, or added a population and other operations to the building where the controller is located. It can automatically download to the front controller without manually synchronizing the data, reducing unnecessary complicated operations and improving The convenience of the system avoids the situation in which the personnel cannot normally open the door by swiping the card due to inadvertent operation.
Real-time active upload:
The events and alarm information generated at the front end are related to the security of the entire system. Therefore, all incidents and alarms on the video access control project can be uploaded to the platform in real time so that the management center can take timely measures. When the network is unobstructed, after the alarm occurred at the current end, the alarm information can be uploaded to the platform within 2 seconds and displayed on the platform software interface.
4. Efficient video linkage capture
Most of the people who live in rental housing are workers who come to Shenzhen. There will be a peak period for commuting in the morning and at night. Taking one thousand buildings and 100,000 people for example, the number of swiping cards to open and capture at peak hour in the morning will reach 70,000 to 80,000 (excluding some old people and children), and the average number of swipes and snaps per second From 19.4 to 22.2 times, the highest peak will reach about 48 times per second. In order to cope with the pressure of these actual data, the system must meet the needs of 100,000 people for at least 3 hours of 48 card swipes per second and capture (snapshot video + snapping photos), the system will not be blind; the display of captured photos cannot There is a noticeable sense of delay (no more than 1 second); the swipe opening time is less than 0.2 seconds. And at the peak of the platform operation should be very smooth.
5. Multiple workstations simultaneously login
There are a lot of management units involved in the video access control project. The street office, village committee and lease office need to carry out their own business operations. In order to facilitate each function terminal to exercise its own authority to manage the system accordingly, especially in issuing cards. During the peak period, it is necessary to support multiple issuing terminals simultaneously issuing cards to the system. In general, the system can provide more than 10 terminals simultaneously login and operate the system to meet the requirements of the system.
Fourth, how to choose high-performance products
Each manufacturer's access control brand has its own product parameter introduction and advantage introduction. Then how can we identify the true and false information of this information and judge whether it has high performance? Moreover, many high-performance implementations cannot be judged from the introduction of parameters. Therefore, the actual testing of product performance is undoubtedly the most effective method of identification. The other is the actual investigation to see if there is a successful use of scale.
Some high-performance product selection methods
High capacity:
With regard to capacity, we can import an access control system platform by simulating a database of 100,000 people, and then import these personnel data into the controller. If the controller can complete all 100,000 data within half an hour, then the brand's The product can meet the requirements of the large capacity of the video access control system.
Credit card quick response:
On the controller that imports 100,000 data, it can be judged by swiping the card to open the door. Generally, it is required to open the door immediately when the card is swiped.
Real-time and active two-way data transmission:
Enter a new person on the platform and authorize it. You do not need to manually download the personnel to open the door by swiping the card to indicate that the platform data can be downloaded actively. After the front controller is disconnected and the network is restored, check whether the alarms in the dropped time period are uploaded through the platform. Whether the front-end data can be uploaded actively. About the real-time alarm This block can simulate the alarm, check the platform response speed to determine how the performance.
Efficient video linkage capture:
A performance demonstration box can be set up. A test card reader (3 cards read in 1 second) can be connected to 16 doors at the same time, and the platform is set to automatically capture the card. In this way, there will be 48 snapshot recordings generated every second for half an hour. Check whether the platform can complete real-time video capture. At the same time, perform authorization and data registration operations under the platform software to see if the platform can operate smoothly.
Multiple workstations simultaneously login:
You can use multiple computers (about 10 stations) to install workstation software for the access control system. At the same time, you can access a designated server to see if all workstations can log in at the same time and perform appropriate operations on the software to determine how the software performs.

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