The requirements of the working environment for fast wire cutting machines

1, to meet the space requirements of wire cutting machine tools

2, choose to withstand the weight of the machine

3, choose no vibration and shock incoming place. Wire-cutting discharge machines are high-precision machining equipment. If there are vibrations and impacts at the places where they are placed, they will cause serious damage to the machine table, which will seriously affect its processing accuracy, shorten its service life, and even cause the machine to be scrapped.

4, choose a place without dust, avoid flowing next to the channel

(1) The inherent characteristics of wire-cutting discharge machines, the presence of dust in the air, will cause the machine's screw rod to be severely worn, which will affect the service life.

(2) The wire-cutting discharge machine belongs to the computer control. The disk used by the computer has very strict requirements on the dust in the air. When the dust in the disk enters, the disk will be damaged and the hard disk will be damaged.

(3) The wire-cutting discharge machine itself generates a lot of heat, so the electrical cabinet needs frequent air exchange. If there is too much dust in the air, it will accumulate on the various electrical components during the air exchange process, resulting in poor heat dissipation of the electrical components. Causes the board to burn out. Therefore, the machine dust screen should be cleaned frequently.

5, choose a place with a small temperature change, avoid direct sunlight through the window and top window glass and near the heat flow

(1) High-precision parts processing products need to be carried out at a constant temperature, usually at room temperature 20C

(2) Since the wire cutting discharge machine itself generates a considerable amount of heat during operation, if the temperature change is too large, the service life of the machine may be seriously affected.

6, choose to shield the house: Because the wire cutting electric discharge process is an arc discharge process, in the arc discharge process will produce strong electromagnetic waves, thus causing damage to human health, but also affect the surrounding environment.

7. Choose a well-ventilated, spacious factory so that the operator and the machine can work in the best environment.

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