Design Optimization of Compressed Air System in Thermal Power Plant

The use of the fixed, compact, high degree of automation, and easier operation is almost impossible to determine accurately. To ensure the characteristics. The factory maintenance gas is used directly without post-treatment, and only in the safe operation of the power plant, the miscellaneous gas can be cut off at any time.

Table 1 A project 2x350 MW unit gas volume serial number gas consumption operation status single 1 ash removal system (dry ash delivery) 70 continuous m3/2 ash control (meter) 6 continuous m3/3 thermal control (instrument) 20 continuous M3/4 desulfurization (instrument) 2 continuous m3/5 denitration instrument with 1 continuous m3/6 water meter with 2 continuous m3/7 denitration sonic soot plant gas 4 discontinuous m3/8 heat machine overhaul 10 and 1 M3/quality remarks same as 2 no post-treatment Note: Desulfurization purge uses steam purge 3 Compressed air system problems 4 Compressed air system design optimization There are several major problems in the operation of compressed air systems in thermal power plants, mainly : The volume design of the gas storage tank is low, resulting in insufficient gas consumption of the instrument and low pressure of the instrument gas.

The cooling water pipeline adopts industrial water. Due to the poor quality of the cooling water, the heat exchanger surface of the cooler is severely fouled, the heat exchange effect is poor, and the cooling water return water temperature is increased.

The compressed air mother pipe does not have a draining water point. If the water in the pipe is not discharged in time, the quality of the compressed air will be affected.

The pneumatic valve can not be opened and closed normally. The moving parts inside the valve are stained with dirt, which cannot move smoothly. The compressed air cannot be controlled and the equipment works abnormally. 1 25m3 gas storage tank for air service maintenance. According to the above conventional design, the volume of the gas storage tank of the instrument is too small, mainly because the air pressure fluctuation during the storage period of the gas storage tank is not considered. The calculation process for the volume of the gas storage tank for the instrument is as follows: the consumption of the gas, m3/min (take 31m3/min); t is the minimum accommodation time of the gas storage tank, min (take 5min); P0 is the location where the compressed air system is installed. Atmospheric pressure at altitude (take 0.1MPa); P2 is the initial (high) pressure point of the gas in the gas tank (taken 0.8 MPa); P1 is the low pressure point of the gas in the gas tank that makes the pneumatic actuator act (take 0.6MPa), substituted into the above formula, get V = 77.5m3, so you need to add a 30m3 instrument gas storage tank.

4.2 Optimization of cooling water system For the cooling water pipeline, it is proposed to use a closed circulating cooling water system to cool, so that the quality of the cooling water can be well ensured, and the high temperature of the air compressor is avoided, resulting in frequent tripping. On the other hand, the lowering of the air compressor exhaust temperature, the less moisture contained, and the lower the drying load of the adsorption dryer, so that the drying efficiency of the combined dryer is improved.

4.3 Discharge water pipeline design Conventional thermal power plant compressed air pipeline installs a shut-off valve at the low point on the main pipe. When the unit is in normal operation, the water will still flow strongly in the vortex separation boundary, which is conducive to fuel and air mixing.

The minimum flow area, throat area, and barrel diameter of the three types of radial swirlers are the same, so the geometric swirl numbers calculated according to equation (6) are also the same, both being 0.855. According to equation (1), t The number of swirls in the middle surface of the throat of the three structures of =10 mm and axial bending is 0.859, 0.813, and 0.761, respectively. The calculated values ​​of the two methods are close. The design uses geometric swirl numbers to design the flow area of ​​the cyclone. Although the structure of the three cyclones is different, the parameters affecting the number of swirls do not change. By changing the structure, although the number of swirls is reduced, the reflow zone does not change much, and the reason is that the number of geometric swirls does not change, and further research is needed.

(1) Calculate the condition of the swirling burner ''''''''''''' ('''''''''''' The solution is to arrange two shut-off valves in series, the distance between the two shut-off valves is about 500mm, for example. The second solution is to install a trap at the low point of the compressed air main pipe to ensure no water in the pipe.

Setting of the hydrophobic station 4.4 Adjusting the system energy-saving measures The air compressor station of the whole factory implements intelligent control, and the central control unit (central control unit) is set, and the air compressor group is controlled by the energy-saving automatic control adjustment mode. Each air compressor body has a built-in digital intelligent controller. As long as the required pressure and control mode of the system are input, no manual operation is required during normal operation. The central control unit optimizes the calculation according to the system pressure change, automatically starts the different air compressors in the air compressor group to meet the external compressed air demand, and implements the rotation system. The central control unit can also communicate with the centralized control room to extract the flow field and compare it with the experimental results. It is found that the calculation results of the SST turbulence model agree well with the experimental results.

(2) The variation of the number of swirls in different structures along the axial direction is calculated. It is found that the number of swirls in the throat section of the cyclone is close to the number of geometric swirls, which is beneficial to the design of the radial swirler.

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