Purification table procurement requires attention to ensure that the purchase of qualified

Decontamination project manufacturers report: For the procurement of the purification table, corporate procurement personnel is a very headache, not only to consider the cost budget, but also to consider the product quality, but also consider the after-sales service. There are many contradictory factors among these three in itself. Today, the author will teach you how to purchase a suitable clean bench. When purchasing a clean bench, we only need to know that the two parts of the clean bench fan and air filter are crucial. The blower is the power to clean the workbench, and the air filter is the purification efficiency of the clean bench. Below the author of the market for the supply of the following three types of purification work for reference:

Economical clean bench: The air filter adopts the national standard, the index is lower than the international standard, and the appearance is not good; the fan is generally made of domestically-made common fan, and the performance is good when the work is just started, and the performance cannot be guaranteed for a long time; in order to reduce the cost Many do not use external air filters; the control system is simple and the appearance is not good.

Decontamination Engineering Ordinary Workbench: All imported or multi-use foreign materials and foreign technologies in domestic production of air filters, performance close to imported products; fans using mid-range products, but also useful fans, more reliable, but most are not for ultra-clean Designed with the special requirements of the workbench, it is characterized by uneven use of stroke during prolonged use; overall performance is good, but the control system is relatively simple, and glass doors are generally manual.

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