Installation of mechanical seals

The so-called mechanical seal is actually an oil seal device of a rotary machine. It is a pair of or more than one pair of end surfaces perpendicular to the rotation axis under the action of the fluid pressure and the compensation mechanism elastic force (or magnetic force) and auxiliary sealing. The fluid leakage is prevented by affixing the slides together. Therefore, the installation quality requirements are very high. During the installation process, there are a series of precautions. What are the precautions for installing mechanical seals? How can we guarantee the quality of mechanical seal installation? Or first take a look at the following installation notes!

Mechanical seal installation precautions:

1. The radial runout of the shaft of the equipment shall be ≤ 0.04 mm, and the amount of axial turbulence shall not exceed 0.1 mm;

2. The sealing parts of the equipment should be kept clean during installation. The sealed parts should be cleaned. The sealed end face should be intact to prevent impurities and dust from being carried into the sealed parts.

3, in the installation process is strictly prohibited hitting, tapping, so as to avoid mechanical seal friction damage and seal failure;

4. The surface contacted with the seal should be coated with a layer of clean mechanical oil during installation so that it can be installed smoothly;

5, when installing the static ring gland, the tightening screws must be evenly distributed to ensure the vertical requirements of the end face of the stationary ring and the axis line;

6. After the installation, pushing the moving ring by hand can make the moving ring move flexibly on the shaft and have certain flexibility;

7. After the installation, the rotating shaft and the rotating shaft should be moved by hand;

8. The equipment must be filled with media before operation to prevent dry friction and seal failure.

In order to ensure the installation quality of the entire mechanical seal, Xiaobian recommends that you better find a professional installation master to install the mechanical seal, and ensure the stability of the relevant machinery during the subsequent use.

Excerpt from "Mechanical Expert Network"

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