2015 Four-sided Loitering Light-duty Truck Companies

According to the data analysis, from January to November 2015, the sales volume of domestic light truck market enterprises has been declining year-on-year. In the past 11 months, it has fallen by a maximum of 23 percentage points year-on-year, and it has dropped at least by 10 percentage points. Such a severe market truly reflects the survival competitiveness of various manufacturers. All manufacturers based themselves, made every effort to promote innovation, and responded to the “smoggy days” of the light-card market, bringing a clear skies for the light-card market.

FAW: efficient operations to meet the new demands of <br> <br> market position: the beginning, FAW light truck "light focuses on heritage road win" as the theme of this series will promote a comprehensive picture of liberation light truck J6F superior product quality and excellent performance. As we all know, FAW Liberal has been focusing on the development of "high-standard energy-saving products that meet the needs of development and meet the needs of environmental protection." It has taken the lead in launching the entire series of vehicles that meet the National IV emission standards. Among them, the J6F liberation light truck is positioned in the high-end market. The vehicle accessories have been carefully designed, selected high-grade materials, and undergo a rigorous quality inspection. It can fully meet the new needs of efficient operation of local users.

FAW liberation light truck J6F

Performance advantages: The Dachai Deutz 4DD engine that it carries is the 6th-generation light-duty engine in China. It is also the first high-end engine in the light-duty field of German technology. It has complete German craftsmanship, German technology and German quality standards, exceeding 500,000. The whole machine life of kilometers is far ahead of other engines in China. At the same time, the fuel-efficient performance is more efficient. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is more than 1 liter in the province of similar models, and it can save 5000-7,000 yuan in fuel costs in one year.

The light truck J6F follows the safety design concept of the FAW Liberation J6 heavy truck series. The key components and core components are all derived from the liberation company, and the quality is more secure. Under the guidance of the "people-oriented" design concept, the J6F is equipped with an integrated head restraint, a 90-foldable seat, and a wide door with a lighting device. More enjoyable and more comfortable driving experience, it is not difficult to obtain more users' favorite and sought after.

FAW Qingdao liberation: to meet the diverse needs of the market safe, comfortable and secure <br> <br> market positioning: V system truck FAW Jiefang Automotive Co., Ltd. Qingdao (hereinafter referred to as "green steam FAW Company") adopts the international advanced R & D concept launched Covers all heavy, medium and light products. The main models include Tian V, Yu V, Long V, and Tiger V. The products cover four major categories of tractors, trucks, special vehicles, and dump trucks, which meet the market's requirements to the maximum extent possible. Car demand. With the introduction of process upgrades and advanced technologies, V-cards surpass their previous products. The atmospheric shape, comfortable cab, safe and reliable performance, and low carbon and fuel-efficient product advantages provide safety and comfort for the users in the car process.

FAW Qingdao Liberation V Series Truck

Performance advantages: Nearly 50 years of truck manufacturing experience and careful design and inspection standards have provided sufficient guarantee for the quality of trucks. The company has further improved trucks while ensuring that users can effectively deal with different types of transportation tasks. The comfort of the driver's car. Tian V, as a V-type heavy truck product launched by FAW Liberation Qingqi, boasts a fashionable and stylish “Xin” font front face. The vehicle is equipped with a high-powered engine with the latest international technology, which lays the foundation for strong driving force. Meanwhile, Tian V is The first product in the domestic truck industry that has passed the airtight inspection has advantages such as sound insulation, heat insulation, cold insulation, and dust-proof. This brings users a comfortable ride experience.

FAW Jiefang Qingqi has always been tireless to provide users with new choices for lightweight vehicles.悍V achieves ultra-low wind resistance through perfect aerodynamic design, which guarantees the fuel economy of trucks. At the same time, according to the transportation requirements, 悍V can provide users with perfectly matched power system configurations, which makes customization meet their own requirements. The best product becomes a reality.

As a high-precision Chinese card product produced by FAW Liberation Qingqi, Dragon V matches the international advanced Deutz engine and is equipped with an adaptive fuel-saving switch to output the entire vehicle under no-load, half-load, full-load and other conditions. The best power to keep the lowest fuel consumption. The 100-kilometer-per-hour fuel-efficient oil 1-2 liters greatly improves the operating efficiency. At the same time, the features of abundant spare parts and convenient maintenance greatly reduce the troubles caused by maintenance.

Tiger V inherits the excellent genes and reliable quality of liberation medium-duty trucks. The entire vehicle has achieved a revolutionary upgrade in terms of power, chassis, handling, comfort and other technical qualities. Its "Fashionable and Comfortable, Efficient, Fuel-efficient, Quality-Leading, Safe and Reliable" Five-Product Advantage has refreshed many performance indicators of domestic high-end light-duty truck products, and has achieved the excellent quality of Tiger V light trucks.

Dongfeng Corporation: focus on the country four hundred new city together and win the hearts <br> <br> market position: With the development of the logistics industry to grow, the formal implementation of national IV emission standards, China's commercial vehicle industry into a new industrial upgrading and updating In the development stage, new requirements have been put forward for light truck products. Dongfeng Co., Ltd. specializes in new products such as Dongfeng Capt. N280 Dolly Card D9 National IV. It was launched nationwide on March 7, 2015. With its excellent power, configuration, controllability, high reliability, low fuel consumption, and “nobleness. "Yi" and other advantages are highly favored by users. In only two weeks of listing, more than 1600 orders have been obtained. The 340 orders for Shanghai Station, one of the starting cities, can fully prove the recognition of the four new products of Dongfeng Light Truck.

Dongfeng Capet, Dongfeng Dolika

Performance advantages: The Dongfeng Kaiput N280 is a product that is designed and fully optimized based on the existing Capt. N system. It is based on the T01 cab, and is equipped with a D28 engine. It has high reliability, low fuel consumption, lightweight, and ultra-high performance. Silent, low emissions and other advantages. In the future, the engine body can upgrade the country V without making any changes, and truly realizes “noble and expensive”. Dolika D9 is the DoliCard product that Dongfeng shares is the main product this year. Its cargo compartment covers 6.2m, 6.8m, and 7.6m. The length of the vehicle does not exceed the regulatory limit of 9 meters. It is the highest in the same class, and no license is available. worry. The powered system is Yuchai 160, ISD160/180, with strong power, speed and other advantages, truly achieved excellent performance to meet everyone's needs!

Fukuda Omar: targeting long-distance urban distribution market <br> <br> market positioning: Since the structure of the special nature of the air brakes and brake oil, were applied to different transport conditions. In the city, where short-distance logistics and distribution are required, road conditions that require frequent braking, or light-load transportation, the oil brake is suitable to meet frequent braking conditions and light-load braking requirements. In the case of long-distance city distribution or heavy-duty transportation, the air brake is more appropriate because of its large braking torque and more safety and reliability. It is based on this that Futian Ouma can launch the new gas brake equipped with Cummins ISF2.8L on the May 22, 2015 value-leader-to-future-Yangtze River Delta City Logistics Experience Tour start-up station. The braking safety of the products will surely make OMAR products more competitive in the logistics and transportation market.

Futian Ou Mako

Technical Advantages: Based on Foton Cummins's core component resources and its excellent overall vehicle matching, Futian Ouma's new 2.8L gas brakes have multiple advantages: First, they have higher safety, and they use a new generation of Bosch's innovative gear-driven fuel pump, optional The world-leading WABCO ABS system, newly developed special parts for air brakes, shorter braking distance and leading technology; Second, more dynamic, air brake power up to 110KW, torque 360NM, 30% higher than the professional level, Compact structure, light weight, high bearing capacity, leading performance; In addition, the reliability is higher, the average length of over 500,000 kilometers is not overhauled, and the road reliability test under the harsh conditions of 300,000 kilometers, the quality is even better.

Car era: the focus of municipal transport <br> <br> market positioning: With the rapid development of urban logistics, in order to better meet the needs of users of Cummins high-end car powered vehicles, the era of high-speed inter-city car based on the logistics market segmentation, Mainly based on urban life materials transportation and some suburban logistics transportation customers, developed new products of Kangrui H3-3360 with ISF2.8s4129V power air brake.

Age Kangrui H3

Performance advantages: The vehicle is equipped with Cummins ISF2.8s4129V four-country engine, Wan Liyang 5TS32 five-speed gearbox, NPR stamping rear axle; 170×60×5 longitudinal beam frame, longitudinal beam material using 610L high-strength steel, light weight, High strength; Matching of the whole vehicle is more reasonable, and the high-strength extended cargo box adopts new technology, new materials, light weight, strong bearing capacity, and can better meet the needs of users.

JAC light truck inner focus: the pursuit of the perfect combination of power and fuel economy <br> <br> market positioning: to win the race fuel-efficient car-based, while the load, comfort, security, a comprehensive upgrade of handsome bell saving champion Version production models will be available in the near future. As China’s light truck leader, fuel economy is not the only upgrade target for JAC light trucks. This time, the Eurovision engine from Italian VM Technology and the unique power transmission system of JAC have the strongest match. In order to achieve even lower fuel consumption, they will be able to output more powerful power, and will fully satisfy users' motivation and fuel economy. Demand. ”

Jianghuai handsome bell

Performance advantages: The excellent power performance of the handsome Bell Power Champion Edition derives from the strong combination of Auvir Power and the gold powertrain. With the Eurovision engine of European origin, the technology is derived from the well-known small and medium-displacement diesel engine manufacturer VM in Europe. The VM engine is a top European power with profound background. Its high performance performance has been leading the development of international small and medium-displacement diesel engine technology. The Bell Power Championship Edition is equipped with Eurovision Power, a mature model developed by the Italian VM, which has undergone many years of testing in the European and American markets. After Weichai introduced a full set of equipment, it relied on Weichai's powerful R&D team to optimize and improve the local area. Advanced, dynamic, economical, and high reliability.

The gold power train is a unique technological resource of the JAC light truck. The "Owe efficient power + six-speed transmission + high torque rear axle" on the handsome Bell fuel-saving championship model can achieve ultra-high transmission efficiency and refresh the light truck performance index. The new height will inject new meaning into the JAC light truck gold transmission system. The six-gear transmission equipped with the handsome Bell fuel-saving championship models has a speed ratio range of 0.786 to 6.143, which is wider than the competition speed ratio and is more closely linked with power transmission. In addition, through the rear axle, which has been repeatedly optimized and adjusted, a better rear axle speed ratio is achieved, which will ensure that the engine will work in the optimal speed range for a long time, and on the premise of ensuring power performance, the fuel economy of the vehicle will be effectively improved.

Nanjing Iveco: targeting the rural market segment <br> <br> market position: in May 2015, with the completion of switching the country four products, each country, four brands have launched new products in response to market demand. In response, Nanjing Iveco launched the Yuejin light truck that meets China's four emission standards. The Xiaofuxing S50 is Yuejin's innovative logistics product for the light-weight logistics transportation industry targeting the township's target market.

Nanjing Iveco Leap Forward Xiao Fu Xing

Performance advantages: Based on the original good foundation, the product has undergone a comprehensive technical upgrade based on the new requirements of township users for economic and environmental protection, cab space, driving comfort, vehicle loadability and safety. It can be said that Yuejin Xiaoxing S50 has created a brand-new market segment concept in light-card transportation.

Foton Aoling: Strategic layout of efficient heavy-duty, fuel-saving safety new products

Market Positioning: In the first half of the year, the Ollington CTX Tech Brakes was successfully launched. In the second half of this year, the company specially developed the Aoling equipped with Isuzu’s power to meet the needs of our customers for efficient, heavy-duty and fuel-efficient mid- to high-end light trucks. TX technology gas brake new products. On November 21, 2015, the new Foton Aoling TX technology brake was first launched in Jinan, which complemented the value of the CTX Technology Edition gas brake and became the undisputed value leader in the mid- to high-end light truck market.

Foton Aoling TX

Performance advantages: This is a high-quality light truck that meets National IV emission requirements. It has three outstanding advantages: high bearing capacity, high energy-saving, and high reliability. At the same time, it is fully upgraded in terms of product safety and comfort. This product not only has a full upgrade of interior and exterior, but also selects upgraded 4JB1TDi power. It adopts a reinforced chassis optimized by Mercedes-Benz heavy truck technology. Its load carrying capacity is increased by 20%. It has good no-load ride comfort and full-load stability, and its single-lift capacity improves. . The entire vehicle uses more than 30 newly-developed air brake exclusive parts, and at the same time with the global leading WABCO ABS system, the braking distance is shorter, which makes the vehicle's braking performance greatly improved, and it more meets the precise air brake system in harsh driving environments. The move requires higher safety and reliability.

FAW Lingyuan meteoric rise: targeting high-end product technology upgrades in one step
<br> <br> market position: With the national emission standards for environmental upgrades in recent years, led to the upgrading of the industry as a whole, high-end light truck models market share increased year by year. In response, FAW Lingyuan spotted the development opportunity and developed a new model that meets China IV emission standards. The full range of models covers high-speed logistics vehicles in cities and suburbs, and has a variety of options for highly loaded trucks that focus on mountainous areas and urban-rural characteristics.

FAW Lingyuan light truck

Performance advantages: as its main product in the high-end light truck type, using the popular 700P body design, mainly used to meet the needs of enterprises and individual users of short-haul logistics vehicles, wheelbase from 2800mm to 5300mm, the body has a narrow body, the body, With three designs of wide body, there are many options for power: Isuzu, Chaochai, Dachai, Yunnei, and Quanchai. All of them meet the national environmental protection standard IV requirements, and some models will meet the national V standard. The new 700P model has been fully upgraded in terms of configuration, performance, and supporting systems. Comprehensive standard exhaust brake, power steering, clutch assistance, air dryer, maintenance-free battery, air conditioning, etc., while optional front disc rear drum, ABS, electric doors and windows, air brake, CD, etc., making the product dynamic, Greatly improved handling; The new 700P high-strength body, reinforced floor structure, sedan-interior interior and seat, forward-turning cab, etc. are designed to provide users with significant driving, comfort, convenience, and safety features. Enhanced. In particular, it is commendable that the development and design of each model closely follows the latest international and domestic technologies and trends, and the products, regardless of their configuration, performance, price, and quality, have demonstrated strong market competitiveness.

The inside skeleton is professional rust-proof and tested by salt spray testing stand to extend the storage life effectively.

The pleated filter layer has an outside skeleton which protects the filter layer and distributes the incoming fluid over the filter layer evenly. Also the outside skeleton can protect the filter layer away from mechanical damage.

The logo is printed on the outside skeleton, it`s also a sign for OEM. The logo can be seen clearly until it`s out of service life.

Filtration rating:

BN/HC: 3-20 µm


0030, 0035, 0055, 0060, 0075, 0095, 0110, 0140, 0160, 0240, 0260,0280, 0300, 0330, 0450, 0500, 0650, 0660,0900, 0990, 1320, 1500

Available pressure stability:

BN/HC: 20 bar

Compatibility with hydraulic fluids ISO2943

-Hydraulic oil H to HLPD DIN 51524

-Lubrication oils DIN 51517, APJ, ACEA, DIN 51515, ISO6743

-Compressor oil DIN 51506

-Biodegradable operating fluids VDMA24568, HETG, HEES, HEPG

-Non-flame operating fluids HFA, HFB, HFC, and HFD

BN/HC Filter Element

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