Application of Multi-point Soil Temperature and Humidity Recorder in Cultivated Flowers in Greenhouse

Air quality is a problem that has attracted the attention of the masses in recent years. In order to purify the air, we are constantly cultivating some green plants and flowers, which also plays a role in environmental decoration. But how can we make the flowers in the greenhouse grow better? During the cultivation process, it is very important to analyze the temperature and humidity of the soil. The multi-point soil temperature and humidity recorder can help the healthy growth of flowers in the greenhouse.

Only in the right environment can flowers grow well. However, the control of the environment inside the flower greenhouse mainly measures and controls the ambient temperature and humidity. The multi-point soil temperature and humidity recorder automatically implements sprinkler irrigation and temperature adjustment according to changes in the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse, so as to ensure proper temperature and humidity for the growth of the greenhouse economic crops.

Multi-point soil temperature and humidity recorder is the most important part of the measurement greenhouse greenhouse, and is a key component of the measurement and control system. If the sensor does not accurately and reliably capture and convert the original signal, the system cannot achieve the required functions. Most of the automated measurement and control in the industrial production process rely on various sensors to detect and control the parameters in the production process, so that the system works in the best condition. The temperature and humidity sensor technology has gradually matured in China, and it can also be said that the combination of temperature and humidity sensors in greenhouse greenhouses and other environments.

XMC HAC5000-10 1'' central pneumatic Air Compressor parts air filter regulator lubricator With Quick Fitting


Order No.
Ensured Pressure Resistance
1.5MPa (15kgf/cm2)
Highest Working Pressure
1.0MPa (10kgf/cm2)
Ambient and Fluid Temperature
*Filter Precision
Recommended Oil Use
Turbine No.1 Oil ISOVG32
Container Material
Protective Cover
Pressure Regulating Range

Valve Type
With Overflow

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