Sanitation vehicle types and operation forms

The following types of sanitation vehicles are mainly used: suction trucks, compacted garbage trucks, container transfer vehicles, detachable dump trucks, garbage transfer vehicles, garbage compactors, and loaders. From the trash can, sweeper, sprinkler.

How Sanitation Vehicles Operate

First, container dump trucks and rear-loading garbage trucks are shipped from various garbage stations (garbage buildings) in the city, collected directly from the public in the streets, and transported to closed refuse transfer stations. The refuse press-fitting workshop at the transfer station presses the loose waste into the closed garbage transfer vehicle through the press machine, and the maximum pressure of the press can be achieved. Then, the garbage transfer vehicle transfers the compressed garbage to the waste sanitary landfill. Landfills will be landfilled according to certain technological procedures. After the garbage transfer truck removes the garbage, it is first compacted by the garbage compactor for 3 to 5 times, then filled with fresh loess, then unloaded and then covered with loess, and so on. There are also standard assurance measures for the prevention of the penetration of refuse, the collection of landfill leachate and biogas. After the landfill reaches its service life and the landfill garbage reaches a certain height, the surface will be covered in green and will not cause pollution to the environment.

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