Tips for using grooved butterfly valves

Tips for using grooved butterfly valves:

1. The grooved butterfly valve with the above characteristics, when close to fully closed, the action of the valve flap is accelerated, and the water hammer (water impact pressure) is prone to occur. When the butterfly valve is closed, the valve action is slower and the better, so the valve flap can be Set the throttle mechanism on.
2. The groove butterfly valve is based on the medium pressure of the pipeline itself as the power source for opening and closing, adjustment, and different combinations of the pilot valve and the system of small pipelines, it can have nearly 30 kinds of functions, and now it is gradually used more commonly.
3. The pilot valve operates by changing the water level and pressure as the control object. Because there are many kinds of pilot valve, they can be used alone or in combination, and the main valve can be used to obtain the water level, water pressure and flow rate independently or in combination. Adjust the function. However, the main valve is similar to the cut-off valve. When the valve is fully opened, the pressure loss is much larger than that of other valves. The closer the loss coefficient of each opening is to full closure, the larger the valve diameter is, the larger the valve diameter becomes.
4. In addition, the throttling and moving parts of the pilot valve should be as small as possible to avoid setting a small orifice to avoid clogging. When necessary, filter screens should be added, and regular inspections and bypass lines should be provided. This kind of valve has good prospects for development and use.
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