Talking about Truck Driving Skills in Rainy Season

The rainy weather will cause great changes in the road conditions, which will inevitably cause many inconveniences to the traveling card lovers. Here is a brief summary of some driving skills during the rainy season for your reference.
Pre-trip protection must be in place 1. The goods must not be wet, and rain should not be called to affect the comfort of your journey. Many of the card-friends are usually large boards or warehouses because of the cargo they carry. How to prevent the contained cargo from getting wet during the rainy season has become a very important issue. Before the onset of the rainy season, make a big inspection of the tarpaulin of your car and find that the holes are repaired immediately. The majority of domestic trucks have poor seals, often heavy rain outside the car, light rain inside the car, you can choose the rubber strip to the door and other locations to increase the tightness, so as not to affect your driving comfort.
2. Replace the wiper blade in time to maintain a good visibility. The rubber strip on the wiper is changed every year as much as possible. Due to the aging of the rubber after a long time of use, it cannot fit tightly with the glass, so it cannot clean the raindrops on the glass. , resulting in blurred vision, increasing the risk of traffic, especially the reflection of night lights, making it more serious.
How to do a safe driving 1. Avoid meeting the water left in the right side of the right side of the vehicle to see the left side of the water to avoid the left flash right away, or immediately put on the brakes to slow down, which is common people's common problem. Both methods are very dangerous. It is easy for the vehicle in the opposite lane to be unable to identify your intention to collide or rear-end accident. On the road we are familiar with, the general depth of water, our truck is sufficient to deal with.
2. Do not drive too fast. Pay attention to pedestrians and other vehicles passing through the water. Do not splash water on pedestrians or passing vehicles due to excessive speed. This uncivilized driving behavior hopes that card members can stop . When the water depth is deeper, it should be under the premise of ascertaining the depth of water, and should wait until the opposite vehicle passes through after passing. Otherwise, the waves formed by the vehicle can easily cause engine failure.
3. Confirmation of the fixed object When driving in water, the sight line is easily disturbed by the current. The eye looks for a fixed object as a target. Staring at the surface of the water can easily cause visual disturbance and make the direction lost.
4. Sufficient power to keep wading in order to maintain a constant speed. Before entering the water, vehicles should choose the right gear to pass through, and keep a constant speed in the water. Do not turn the throttle up or down in the water. Make sure that you pass through in one go. If the vehicle is slippery in the water, do not pass through it. If the engine is not turned off, ask for help.
5. Remove debris, the brakes should pay attention to drainage After the vehicle wading, weeds and other objects will be attached to various parts, it should be cleaned in time to prevent the engine temperature is too high or due to attachments damage the parts. When the car is over water, the braking system may temporarily weaken. While maintaining a safe distance, you can lightly apply the brakes to evaporate the water in the brake drum as quickly as possible.
6. Identify road conditions and be careful about car trapping. The erosion of the soil by rain will cause the roadbed to become soft. Accidentally, it is very easy to cause the phenomenon of car trapping. When driving after the rain, be sure to determine the road conditions. When you are unfamiliar and the road is not very good, try to choose the middle of the road.
7. Driving in the rainy season, speed should not be too fast Driving in the rain, the line of sight will become very poor, and the effect of rain will cause the road surface to be slippery. When driving, double flash warning lights should be turned on to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front, and try not to overtake.

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