Taiwan: LED packaging season is coming soon

The third season of Taiwan's LED industry is the traditional peak season, but this year's LEDTV backlight pull power has slowed down since June, which continues to affect July's performance. Fortunately, LED lighting growth is still strong, and most of the packaging plants' consolidated revenue in July is higher than the previous month. Growth, such as Huaxing, Dongbei, Edison, Suihong, Yiguang, Hongqi, etc., only Guangding due to the recognition of the base of the investment income at the end of each quarter, July revenues were 30.95 lower than the previous month.
Among the operators whose revenues continued to grow in July, Huaxing was benefiting from the shipment of low-temperature lighting orders, while Dongbei was the small and medium-sized order dynamism brought by the new mass production of tablet PCs, and Edison continued to respond to the Chinese market. And the PLCC market layout benefits, the growth rate of these three players in July is 2~8.
In July, the revenues of Shunhong, Yiguang and Hongqi increased significantly, at 14.42, 15.7, and 10.11 respectively. Among them, Yiguang's performance was the most eye-catching, and the consolidated revenue in July was NT$2.189 billion (the same below). A record high, in addition to LEDTV backlight orders to see the return to temperature, small and medium-sized backlight orders also see new orders to note, the streetlights that began shipping last year began to focus on from July, the legal person is optimistic about August and the recent acquisition of Germany The revenue of the lighting channel business will continue to increase.
At the end of each season, Guangding determined that it can recognize the construction income of Lianyungang Guangding Real Estate, and also make the performance of March and June this year high (will continue to be recognized in September and December), but in June. After revenue reached 152 million yuan, it returned to normal performance in July. The monthly revenue was 105 million yuan, and the monthly decline was 30.96, but it still increased by 24.79.
Looking forward to the market outlook, although the third season is the traditional peak season of the LED industry, it is affected by the expiration of the China Energy Conservation and Benefits Subsidy Policy at the end of May, and the monthly revenue has been seen in May, which has caused market concerns that this will affect the number. In the third quarter, the LEDTV backlight kinetic energy was pulled away in advance, and even affected the tide of China's eleventh holiday in August-September. The industry's outlook for the third season peak season was conservative, and the first quarter was the target of flat revenue.

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