Research on MES Product Tracking Based on RFID Technology

1 Introduction

In view of the problems of information tracking and information lag in product tracking in industrial production, we try to solve these problems by using new Internet of Things technology. RFID electronic tag technology is the core of IoT technology, and RFID is applied to the supply chain. The product is affixed with a label, and the signal transmitted by the label can be automatically and timely recognized and read by the receiver, and the real-time goods, products, finished products, transportation, warehousing, shelves, sales, and even return processing can be realized in real time. Tracking and recording, so the degree of automation is increased, the human error rate is reduced, and the efficiency of supply chain management is improved.

Adopt RFID technology, adopt SOA software architecture, mobile terminal, 3G wireless network technology as hardware platform; MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a software platform, which realizes automatic wireless scanning of electronic tags on products through RFID readers on mobile terminals, and will scan The information data is sent to the background MES through the 3G module, thereby implementing product tracking and management.

2 RFID technology

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), a non-contact automatic identification technology that automatically identifies a target object from a frequency-shot signal and acquires relevant data information. RFlD systems generally consist of tags, readers, application interfaces (intermediate software), networks, and management systems. The label is the barcode on the product package, which can record the basic information. The reader recognizes the label on the mobile terminal and has the function of writing to the RFID tag. The application interface is developed on the mobile terminal through Android technology. The software can complete the collection of RFID tag data information, real-time data transmission through the wireless 3G network, to the MES management system.

The RFID system is composed as shown in Figure 1. The working principle is that the reader transmits a radio wave of a specific frequency to the transponder, and the transponder circuit transmits the internal data. The reader sequentially receives the data and interprets the data, and finally sends it to the application. Respond.

Figure 1 The basic components of the RFID system

In industrial production, RFID technology is applied in the supply chain in the form of RFID module. RFID template is RFID technology to realize real-time monitoring of products in the production process. The system uses the Web service as the back-end system support platform. The product is attached with an RFID tag, and a mobile terminal with an RFID read/write recognition system is installed in the production workshop, and the information of the front-end mobile terminal system and the back-end system is transmitted through the 3G wireless network to realize interactive update of data, and the system locates the position of the product in real time. And the completion of the process, to facilitate production scheduling.

This newly introduced RFID technology has advantages over traditional 2D barcodes. RFlD叮 stores more information, is more confidential, durable and readable and writable. The data on RFID tags can be modified repeatedly. It can be recycled inside the production floor, which can reduce costs. RFlD technology can be used in environments where 2D barcode technology is not suitable, such as high dust pollution or in the wild.

3 Management System MES

The Manufacturing Execution System MES is critical in manufacturing, connecting the underlying process control system with the upper enterprise resource plan and executing the manufacturing plan. Many large manufacturing companies have deployed process control systems and enterprise resource planning systems. In the process of equipment automatic transfer, enterprises need to track the process and parameters of products in real time. This involves the collection and transmission of production information. It is especially important to pass production data in real time to the enterprise resource planning system to control product production and equipment operation. The MES system serves as a bridge connecting the upper and lower layers. It plays a huge role in the whole process of product tracking, information collection and transmission.

MES is not only an information system in the enterprise, it brings together the software and hardware components of the entire product from order production to finished product storage and return to the warehouse. It accurately uses various data to guide the activities of the workshop, MES system and The external system performs a large amount of data interaction. The MES system can perform detailed process scheduling, resource allocation and status management, production unit allocation, document control, product tracking and product inventory management, quality management, process management, maintenance management, human resource management, performance analysis and data collection.

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