Elemental analyzer should be highly integrated with production, study and research

Elemental analyzer should be highly integrated with production, study and research As the basic equipment, the important role of the elemental analysis instrument for the national economy cannot be replaced by any other method and means. Therefore, it has huge market potential. Industry experts expect that the global elemental analysis instrument market will reach USD 68.34 billion in 2015. Although China's elemental analysis industry is developing rapidly, due to the relatively late start, the overall level is still lagging behind. The high degree of integration of production, education, and research with enhanced product reliability is the key to the future development of domestic elemental analyzers.

The level of elemental analysis instruments directly reflects the level of development of a country's science and technology and industry. Today's fastest-growing scientific and technological fields such as: environmental science, ecological protection, materials science and other basic research and industrial applications are inseparable from various types of elemental analysis. instrument. The elemental analysis instrument, as a laboratory routine instrument, can detect the elements of solid, liquid and gas, and conduct simultaneous analysis of various elements, such as carbon in organic solids, highly volatile and sensitive substances, The quantitative analysis of hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and other elements is playing an irreplaceable role in modern society. At present, elemental analysis instruments are mainly divided into metal multi-element analyzers, computer multi-element analyzers, organic element analyzers, and computer multi-element integrated analyzers.

In 2015, the elemental analysis instrument market will reach 68.34 billion U.S. dollars. International brands will increase their competitiveness through frequent mergers and acquisitions.

The international technology of elemental analysis instruments is updated rapidly, and the high-tech content is growing rapidly. It is a typical high value-added and knowledge-intensive industry. In recent years, the market has continued to expand and entered a period of rapid development. From the sales growth trend of global elemental analysis equipment, in recent years, stimulated by the rapid development of energy, environment, materials and other fields, the sales volume of the world's elemental analysis instrument market has maintained an annual growth rate of about 10% in recent years, and it is in a period of rapid development. In 2008, the global market for elemental analysis instruments reached US$36.95 billion. It is estimated that by 2015, the market size of global elemental analysis instruments will reach US$68.34 billion.

The largest market for international elemental analysis instruments is the US market, followed by the European and Japanese markets. The most powerful companies are located in developed countries such as the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France. In recent years, horizontal mergers and acquisitions among major international brands have occurred frequently, further increasing the market share of these multinational giants and strengthening these international giants. The competitive advantage.

Most of China's elemental analysis equipment has still started to rely on imports

China's elemental analysis instrument industry grew from scratch and grew from small to large, but the overall level of comprehensive technology only reached the level of the developed countries in the mid-1980s, and has only a small market share in the global market. At present, about 73% of China's elemental analysis instruments need to be imported. The proportion is higher in some high-end precision instruments, and some high-end products are even completely dependent on imports. It can be said that backward elemental analysis instruments have become a bottleneck restricting China's rapid economic development.

China has always attached importance to the research and development of elemental analysis instruments. During the Ninth Five-Year Plan period and the Tenth Five-Year Plan period, it was listed as an important component of the national scientific and technological research plan. Through scientific and technological breakthroughs, the market for domestic analytical instruments is gradually changing the market pattern in which high-tech, technology-intensive instruments have long relied on imports. As China attaches great importance to the elemental analysis instrument industry and the continuous increase in downstream demand, the market for elemental analysis instruments has grown faster than the international average, and the overall scale has rapidly expanded.

China's elemental analysis instrument should be highly integrated with production, study and research

Elemental analysis instruments in China must not only focus on innovation, grasp the frontier, but also grasp the foundation, and the two are closely integrated. However, at present, China's steel analysis instrument companies should focus on grasping basic instruments. What is the basis of metal elemental analysis instruments? It means existing, traditional, marketable, foreigners are robbing our market. These instruments are regarded by scientists as typical, conventional, and universal basic instruments. These elemental analysis instruments are currently occupied by foreign products in about 70% of the market in China. We own about 30% of the market, and some large companies in developed countries want to occupy as many Chinese markets as possible. They are all staring at China's basic and conventional analytical instruments; China still has many unsatisfactory places on these most basic and basic analytical instruments. Most of these problems are manifested in reliability. China Chemical Instrument Network editor believes that our country's enterprises must pay close attention to the reliability of our analytical instruments. This is the development direction of China's elemental analysis instrument industry, and it is also fundamental to survival.

What is the innovation of elemental analysis instruments? Refers to breaking through the traditional concept, and foreign countries can't think of what we thought of, and foreign countries can't do what we did. This is innovation. What is frontier? High-tech, high capital investment, foreign countries just started is the forefront. Such as: gene chips, ultra-micro biochemical instruments placed in the human body, on-chip laboratories, bio-macromolecules active spatial conformation measurement instruments, and nuclear magnetic resonance, advanced mass spectrometry and other sophisticated instruments. In this regard, there is a wide gap in our country. Therefore, we must pay attention to, participate in, and make technical reserves. We must continue to do what we can, and scientific research institutions must make great efforts to catch up! Innovation and cutting-edge technologies should currently be based on scientific research institutions in the four-in-one team of production, research, and research. Enterprises actively participate, but innovation, cutting-edge, and foundation must all take the path of integration of production, learning, research and development.

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