He Jie: Joint Venture Brings New Opportunity to Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Assembly Plant

The 10th anniversary of the establishment of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. in 2013 marked the tenth anniversary. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of this year, CarInfo.com organized a large-scale special event “Let the Shiyan come close to Dongfeng” to perceive Dongfeng through a dialogue with the “small people” of Dongfeng. The changes in the limited joint venture over the past 10 years have perceived the ups and downs, difficulties and brilliances of Dongfeng's decade-long history. Today, we were fortunate to have a dialogue with the director of the assembly plant of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. He Jie, and discussed the development of the chief assembly engineer of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. over the past years and the prospects for the future.

Speaking of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd.'s General Assembly Plant, Mr. Ho Jie delighted and recalled pointing to the ground. “For the simplest example, when we first built the factory, we were going to do color separation on the ground. Say, this can't be done. I only ask him if he can do it in his own family, do it, and do it well, then do it according to the requirements of the family.” It is under such perseverance that Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle has limited The company's total assembly plant.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Assembly Plant is the main production site for Dongfeng brand commercial vehicles and military vehicles. The company has 2,239 employees and an annual production capacity of 160,000. Cumulative production of more than 3.5 million automobiles and products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions. The General Assembly Factory takes the Dongfeng culture as its mission and pursues the benchmarking dream as its own responsibility. It regards the construction of professional morality as an “important project” for the enterprise’s spiritual civilization, and as a “linkage project” for the party’s “relying on” policy, it is grasped together with the construction of material civilization and spiritual civilization. , Continuously enhance the scientific development level of the company, and continuously create value for customers, employees and the society.

For the editors, the Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd. has obtained a question about what kind of development has been achieved since the joint venture was established over the past decade. “The joint venture is an opportunity that brings with it new ideas and new methods. Under the guidance of this methodological approach, it brought about a breakthrough in practical terms."

In addition, in terms of cost control, the director explained that the assembly plant will focus on three aspects: First, to promote full-cost management. The establishment of plant cost management centralized management department, workshop, and three-level management and control network of the team, and gradually established a cost management and control mechanism for full participation; second, the management of the factory's strength line was promoted. Use the factory's total cost strength line to confirm the improvement of the project's effectiveness; third is to tightly control the cost of KD accessories. Explore the use of new process alternatives to traditional processes, and continue to reduce the cost of auxiliary materials. With the expansion of overseas business, the volume of KD packaging business will expand, and the effect of cost reduction of auxiliary materials will be further highlighted.

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