Solution for low oil pressure in garbage truck

First, the reason analysis:

1, garbage truck oil radiator block, while the bypass valve failure, so that the oil pressure is too low;

2, garbage truck oil pump safety valve use time is too long, the valve and seat wear and seal, or the spring is too soft, so that when the oil pump work, a lot of oil through the safety valve backflow, so that the main oil channel is difficult to establish normal pressure But too low;

3, pressure limiting valve spring too soft, so that the main oil pressure is lower than the specified value;

4. The dirty oil filter is dirty and the bypass valve is damaged, making it difficult for the oil to enter the main oil passage.

5, engine overheating, oil thinning, resulting in oil pressure is too low;

6, oil deterioration or oil in water;

7. The oil grade is irregular and the viscosity is too low, which reduces the pump oil pressure.

Second, the exclusion method:

1. Check if the spring of the garbage truck pressure limiting valve is too soft and if the valve wears too much. If the valve wears properly, check the spring for insufficient force. Can remove the spring, test on the test bench, generally do not allow arbitrary adjustments. If the valve is not sealed after leakage and leakage of oil, should be replaced as a whole;

2. Check if the garbage collection filter screen is dirty. Long-term non-maintenance filter, due to more gum, bonded to the net cover, seriously affect the oil passing rate and reduce the pressure of oil supply, which should be cleaned and maintained;

3. If the engine is overheated during use of the garbage truck, it should be considered that the drop in oil pressure may be due to the engine oil becoming thin due to high temperatures. In this case, the engine temperature is lowered first, and the standby oil is cooled and then the engine is started, so the oil pressure can be normal. For this reason, special attention should be paid to the temperature of the engine and the heat dissipation of the oil during use.

4. Take out the oil dipstick and check the oil for deterioration and moisture. If engine oil deteriorates, it should be replaced and the oil path and filter core should be cleaned. If there is moisture in the engine oil, the source of the water should be identified and replaced and the new engine oil replaced;

5. When the engine detects that the engine oil pressure is too low during operation, stop the engine in time. Check whether the oil level of the oil pan is lower than the specified value after about 5 minutes. If the engine speed is lower than the underline of the oil gauge, add the oil with the same brand number. .

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