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The company's Dongfeng Doolika refueling truck series products. With strong refueling, oil absorption, pump oil, a variety of oil loading, distribution and other functions, the vehicle has beautiful appearance and strong power. It is an ideal mobile refuelling equipment for the petrochemical sector, industrial and mining enterprises, and construction machinery. The company's products fully passed the ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification, is a well-known brand in Hubei Province, Hubei Province, trustworthy quality products.

Chassis configuration: Dongfeng Group original Dolika series chassis restructuring, Dongfeng new flat head forward turning cab. The vehicle is equipped with: Dongfeng Chaochai 120 hp EGR turbo engine, engine model CY4102- E3C , Dongfeng 5 speed gearbox, 2.2 tons front axle, 5 tons rear axle, 7.50-16 oblique rubber tire, clutch and direction hydraulic power assistance, pneumatic braking.

Special function configuration: The material of the tank body is WISCO 5mm high-quality carbon steel plate, which adopts a large roll press once rolling technology and is completely seamlessly formed. The tank size ( mm ) is 4900 long , the long axis is 2000 , and the short axis is 1100. The actual maximum volume is 11.44 cubic meters . The special oil pump has the function of quick oil absorption and oil drain. Truck comes tubing 3 m 2, 2 extinguishers, a ladder, the sides and rear bumper, a ground line.

The vehicle will issue the vehicle certification, chassis certification, motor vehicle on-board invoices, vehicle tools, vehicle warranty manuals, and national service station lists.

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