China's machine tool industry is stuck in a stagnant situation

China's machine tool industry is stuck in a stagnant situation In recent years, with the transfer of machine tool industry to China, not only has the production capacity of China's machine tool industry been expanded, but also the overall level of China's machine tool industry. However, due to the neglect of the industrial structure, production capacity and other issues in the development process of our country's machine tool products, our country's machine tool industry has been stuck in a stagnant predicament.

It is noteworthy that China's machine tool industry is still dominated by SMEs, the current industry competition is mainly low-end product competition, informal competition means is disrupting the development of the market, causing greater harm to the machine tool manufacturing industry.

At present, the competition in the machine tool industry is still not standardized, or has an impact on the development of the machine tool industry. The main problems include: 1. Some operators purchase machine tools without factory names, print well-known manufacturers' brand names and certificates, and honor the reputation of qualified machine tool companies. Cause serious harm. Second, renovation of machine tools, some operators through the re-painted scrap machine after the second sale, to the quality of the project to bring serious security risks.

Industry insiders predict that in the future, the hardware machine tool market supply will be developed from a single product to a variety of products and specifications to meet the needs of a complete set of manufacturing projects. Low-end machine tools cannot support the future, and the main design and R&D is the important way out for future industry development. We will promote the construction of a machine tool automation technology innovation center, build a transformation and upgrade platform for traditional machine tools, and develop high-precision machine tool products. It is believed that the development prospects of China's machine tool industry will surely be broad and boundless under a huge demand environment.

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