Pressure Calibration Table Product Introduction


        The pressure calibration station is an auxiliary device for calibration pressure (differential pressure) transmitters, precision pressure gauges, common pressure gauges, pressure switches, and other instrumentation. It cooperates with pressure calibrators to complete the equipment for calibration and calibration.


         The pressure calibration station includes pressure sources (digital hydraulic/pneumatic systems), digital pressure sensors, image processing systems, verification software, computers and printers.
The pressure verification station uses a digitally controlled pressure source to automatically pressurize, obtains the standard pressure value through a high-precision digital pressure sensor, and uses a computer camera processing system to identify the pressure gauge readings. According to the corresponding pressure meter verification procedures, various error values ​​are calculated and verified. in conclusion.
After the computer accepts the "start verification" command, it sends a verification command to the numerical pressure source, the numerical control system precisely controls the system pressure to the desired pressure point, and then transmits the standard pressure value to the computer. The computer captures and identifies the pressure gauge through the image processing system. Readings, and then electronically controlled tapping the manpower hand to tap the inspection table (according to the requirements of the procedure), and then identify the reading of the inspection table, the identification result is compared with the standard pressure value of the high-precision pressure sensor, and the pressure meter is obtained. Various indication errors.
For pressure transmitters and pressure sensors, the smart pressure calibrators measure the electrical signals they output. After the calibrator controls the system pressure to the desired pressure point, the software reads the electrical signal values ​​of the pressure transmitter or pressure sensor. The value is compared with the standard electrical signal value to calculate the indication error. After the verification is completed, the error data is calculated and stored and the error data is saved. Finally, the error data table and the verification results are displayed and printed.


Full function: Set hydraulic, vacuum, and pneumatic systems in one episode; auto-calibrate general pressure gauges, precision pressure gauges, electrical contact pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, pressure controllers, pressure transmitters, and pressure sensors according to the latest national verification procedures.
Artificial intelligence: The use of numerical pressure source automatic pressure (boost and pressure reduction) to the verification point, without manual pressure or fine-tuning;
Use electronically controlled tapping mechanism to replace the manual tapping of the inspected table according to the regulations;
Using CCD to simulate human eyes automatically recognize the pointer value, without human eye observation, manual reading;
The use of computer verification software to automatically collect data, process data, determine the test results, print test reports, without manual sampling, human brain calculations.
Strong data management: The powerful verification software automatically processes the verification data, saves all the verification records, and can display and print at any time.
Standards new: Keep up with national standards and comply with the latest national metrological verification regulations.

Suitable processing technique: cutting and beading of hardware products.

Applicable to: stainless steel products including pan, bowl, dish, cover, basin, cup and more.

Available material shapes: round.

Beading on the edges reducing the sharpness and preventing it from getting bent. Trimming the ware's edge to prevent sharpness and neat, beutiful edge.

Combinated with automatictly feeding and discharging robot to realize fully automatic line for safe production.

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