Car rental, Hongxiang begins

First, car rental qualifications
Meet the following conditions to apply for car rental:
1. Domestic people:
1) My valid ID card (second-generation ID card, not a generation)
2) My valid driver's license (with more than 6 months of issuance time, the original and copy of the driver's license)
3) My full credit card (more than 6,000 credits, no cash)
2. Foreign nationals:
1) I am a valid driver's license in China (if the domestic issuance time is less than 6 months, but the foreign driver's license is full 6 months, the driver can also apply for car rental at the same time)
2) My valid residence permit (in China)
3) My valid passport
4) I have full international/domestic credit card (more than US$1,000 credit limit, credit card needs to bring chips)

Second, take the car back to the car process:
Pickup process:
1.Customer arrives at the top of the designated store to pick up the car, (second generation ID card driver's license credit card)
2. Customer and Supreme Personnel jointly inspect vehicle and sign lease agreement, pre-authorized by brush
Return the car process:
1. The customer rents the car and returns the car to the agreed store
2. When the customer returns the car, together with the store staff to inspect and settle the car together (return the oil before the car, # 93 oil, if the store staff to fill the required fee 15%), the vehicle deposit will be pre- After the authorization is revoked, a pre-authorization for a violation deposit (Shenzhen: 2,000 yuan, other cities: 1,000 yuan, if the original card is not in sufficient quota, another credit card of the driver can be swiped), if there is no violation within 30 days, the bank The deposit will be thawed about 3 working days. (subject to specific bank regulations)
3.Customers return the car to complete

Third, the deposit
1. Car rental deposit:
The vehicle deposit is paid by credit card pre-authorization. The amount varies according to the type of vehicle. This deposit only freezes the credit limit of the credit card. There is no consumption, and the pre-authorization is cancelled on the spot. The bank will probably be in 7 Thaw within one working day.
2, illegal deposit
When the customer returns the car, the store will revoke the pre-authorization of the vehicle deposit, it will brush a pre-authorized illegal escort (Shenzhen: 2,000 yuan, other cities: 1,000 yuan, if the original card is not enough, you can swipe another driver (credit card) If there is no violation within 30 days, the bank will unfreeze the deposit for about 3 working days. (subject to specific bank regulations)

Fourth, car rental time limit/km:
The minimum single-term lease is 1 day (24 hours) and the day is less than one day; the daily limit is 400 kilometers. Exceeding the standard will charge overtime and over-kilometer fees according to the supplier's standards.

Fifth, fuel use:
It is responsible for fuel use during car rental. When the customer returned the car, the fuel was less than the fuel when it was delivered. The difference was collected according to the relevant provisions of the supplier's car rental contract.

Violation of the fine:
The client shall bear the legal responsibility for the violation of the penalties incurred during the lease of the vehicle, and shall actively handle the violation ticket.

Seventh, insurance liability
All leased vehicles supplied by the Mango Cooperator have purchased Tactical Insurance, Vehicle Damage Insurance, Third-Party Liability Insurance, Driver Seating Insurance, Complete Vehicle Robbery Insurance, and Body Scratch Loss Insurance. The customer signs a rental contract with the supplier of the vehicle, applies for the rental process, and during the period of renting the vehicle, he will enjoy the rental vehicle’s purchase of insurance related rights.
If there is an accident in the vehicle, please protect the site and report the case at the earliest time, and contact the store staff or call the customer service hotline of The store staff will assist you in handling the accident. The relevant description of the accident handling is performed.

Tips: For the happiness of you and your family, please drive safely and do not drive after driving.

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