Life is smart, parking system needs more features

As people's requirements for smart living are getting higher and higher, in the field of parking, the parking lot system needs to add more functions, integrate parking, payment, and parking resource integration, thus making the parking industry undergo a qualitative change. What is the current state of development of the parking system and what is the application of it in intelligent transportation?

In the field of parking, the parking system is one of the products most commonly touched by people. From the entry and exit of a single manually-managed vehicle to the current functions of parking, payment, and car-finding, the technology continues to innovate to meet the owner's need for parking. The most basic requirement, but its nature still belongs to a type of equipment that manages the entry and exit of vehicles in a parking lot. Until people mention the concept of parking resource integration, the parking system only has a functional breakthrough.

Although the functional changes in the current parking lot system are all based on the convenience of people parking, for the parking lot management, how to integrate all the parking resources together is an urgent need for them to solve. thing. How to make unified management of parking lots in the same area, including the use of parking spaces in each parking lot, the query of parking spaces, the payment of vehicles and other functions. The parking lot system plays the role of controlling the "entrance" during the period, in order to integrate all The parking resources, need to make a fuss on the software management platform, Doer Parking Cloud platform set the remaining parking spaces to query, cloud video, charge information cloud query, group management, cloud data and other major advantages, combined with the current WeChat payment function , Make parking management intelligent.

As we all know, the parking lot system is an extensive system project. It not only has the function of vehicle access management, but also includes many subsystems such as parking guidance, reverse car search, self-service payment and so on. In order to carry intelligent traffic, further open the market, parking lot System manufacturers need to further break through the bottleneck of serious homogeneity and weak technological innovation.

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Flotation Beneficiation Plant, also named as Flotation Processing Plant, is a ore concentrating process that separates the ore from its gangues with the help of chemicals. This difference of the solution among the other processes is the Mineral Separator , namely flotation cell( Flotation Machine).after adding chemicals into the slurry, there are plenty of bubbles appeared, and the ore will stay on the surface of the bubbles, the scraper on the flotation machine collect the bubbles at the surface, thus the ore is separated, and after concentrating, the finished concentrate is produced.  The flotation mineral ore processing plant can be used for various kinds of ores, such as, gold ore, lead ore, zinc ore, graphite ore, copper ore, nickel ore and so on, the flotation Ore Dressing Plant needs to work with some chemicals to concentrate the ore.

Flotation Mineral Processing Plant

Flotation Processing Plant

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