4 Mainstream Engineering Wireless Image Transmission Equipment Classification

At present, in the case of inconvenient wiring construction, it is most convenient and effective to use wireless methods to transmit data such as networks and audio and video. The common wireless image transmission system generally consists of two parts. The distribution is the transmitting end and the receiving end. According to the actual situation, the appropriate gain antenna can also be added. Their working principle is to communicate with each other through the same microwave frequency. . Therefore, people often ask if they can only buy one device. The answer is no, it must be a set of equipment to work properly.

However, there are many types of wireless image transmission devices on the market. Which type of wireless image transmission device should users choose?

According to common situations, we divide four commonly used wireless image transmission devices to facilitate user selection.

First, the fixed-point digital radio transmission apparatus <br> <br> video devices such digital microwave radio transmission by the transmitting end of the device is typically directly connected to the network directly to the camera, then the captured video cameras to digital images obtained, and then Through the microwave transmission to the receiving end.

The simple transmission structure is: network camera - transmitting end - digital microwave - receiving end - the representative device of the display screen is: ST5023PRO, the transmission distance can reach 100 kilometers.

Advantages: Wide choice of transmission distance (1-100 km), high transmission bandwidth (300 Mbps), support for real-time transmission, multiple transmission methods (supporting point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, relay, MESH), and affordable price.

Disadvantages: It is necessary to maintain unobstructed transmission, fixed transmission points, and troublesome debugging.

Application Environment: Most wireless video surveillance projects, field long-distance wireless image transmission, and wireless network transmission engineering.

Second, fixed wireless analog video transmission equipment <br> <br> such equipment and principle on a class of devices similar, except that it uses analog microwave radio transmission.

The simple transmission structure is: analog camera - transmitter - analog microwave - receiver - display equipment: ST5832DT, transmission distance up to 2000 meters.

Advantages: low cost, convenient installation Disadvantages: short transmission distance, poor anti-interference ability, not suitable for long-distance transmission application environment: environment with less interference and transmission distance.

Three, COFDM mobile video transmission equipment <br> <br> class machine employs some of the world's advanced microwave Coded Modulation --COFDM, has a very good diffraction properties, anti-interference and high transmission stability, in extremely Stable and fast video transmission in a complex, multi-occlusion environment. Its working principle is to select and distribute each sub-channel on the microwave channel to communicate and achieve high-accuracy real-time video wireless transmission.

The simple transmission structure is: camera - transmitting end - microwave - receiving end - The display device represents: ST6200DB-HD, transmission distance up to 50 kilometers.

Advantages: No need for fixed monitoring points, no need to keep the environment open, low occupied bandwidth, high transmission efficiency. Disadvantages: High price, use of individual frequency points need to apply for the application of the environment: both land, sea and air mobile video transmission can support drones, ships, vehicles, Soldiers and other carriers.

Fourth, 3G/4G wireless image transmission equipment

With the continuous development of such mobile communication networks as 3G and 4G, 3G/4G devices dedicated to wireless image transmission devices have also been born. This type of device utilizes a 3G/4G network to transmit images captured by a camera to an Internet server. The client can log in to the Internet for real-time communication. After the commercialization of the 5G network in 2020, such devices should also move toward higher speed and more convenient 5G networks.

The simple transmission structure is: camera - transmitter - Internet - client representative equipment: ST6030BX-4C-G4, transmission distance is not limited.

Advantages: It is not limited by the transmission distance. As long as there are 3G/4G network coverage areas, you can use shortcomings: high prices, transmission speed is slower than the above devices, traffic charges will be generated during the use of the application environment: more emergency, Emergency situations such as rescue and rescue.

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