How to solve the problem that the length of the magnetic level gauge does not match the length of the center distance of the tank

The magnetic flap level gauge is used for liquid measurement in an open or pressure vessel and can achieve high sealing, leak prevention and safe and reliable measurement of the liquid level under high temperature, high pressure, high viscosity and strong corrosive conditions. No blind area, eye-catching display, intuitive readings, large measuring range. The use of magnetic level gauges in industrial production is relatively common, because the conditions in the tank area vary widely, and the size and volume of various tanks are not uniform, so the basic instrument products are tailor-made according to customer requirements. , But sometimes when the user installs, it will react because the magnetic flap is too long to be properly installed or it cannot be properly installed, resulting in abnormal state of the magnetic flap, which shortens the service life of the instrument. . In order to solve this problem of long-term confusion of users, Changzhou Chengfeng Instrument recommends for the majority of users an installation method that is the most original and most simple and effective magnetic flap level gauge .

For the level gauge beyond the center of the flange of the tank, the most important consideration is to add flanges or ears to the fixed support in the middle to increase the strength and overcome its own weight. The meter is in a stable state.

Magnetic flap level gauge installation points:

1. When the magnetic flap level gauge is installed at the beginning of the installation, it should pay attention to avoid selecting the outlet or the inlet away from the material, so as to affect the measurement of the level gauge due to the drastic change of the local fluid in the material fluid. result;

2. When equipped with remote transmission matching instruments, it is necessary to pay attention to several items:

1) The sensing surface of remote instrumentation should face and close to the main conduit;

2) The connection between the remote transmission matching instrument and the display instrument or industrial control computer is preferably laid through the protection tube alone or with a shielded two-core cable;

3) The remote transmission matching instrument should be close to the main conduit of the level gauge and fixed with stainless steel hoop (disable the iron hoop);

4) After laying the cable entry hole of the terminal box, it is required to seal well so as to avoid the intrusion of rainwater, moisture, etc., so that the remote transmission supporting instrument can not work normally. After the inspection and debugging of the terminal box is completed, it shall be timely covered and covered.

5) The zero point of the remote transmission instrument should be at the same level as the zero point indicator of the level gauge. Changzhou Chengfeng uses the magnetic flap level gauge produced by advanced technology. The material standard is fine, the workmanship is fine, and the alarm and electricity can be added. The remote transmission function has achieved explosion-proof certification. The anti-corrosion liquid level gauge adopts imported PVDF material, and the ultrasonic welding process is integrally formed. It can be comparable to imported products with obvious price advantages. For the majority of users can provide magnetic flap level gauge custom service, the price according to your choice of materials and measurement length negotiable, price concessions, high safety, durability, strong production capacity of non-standard products. Welcome new and old customers to inquiry.

Three-beam spunbond nonwoven machines distribute polypropylene (PP) by three dies, which greatly promotes the output of nonwoven fabric. The product of SSS nonwoven machine is more suitable for baby diapers, older diapers, sanitary napkins and so on. Based on the advantages of SS nonwoven machine, SSS nonwoven machine has higher ability of distribution of PP, greater output of nonwoven fabric, higher intensity of nonwoven fabric cover, better permeability of nonwoven fabric.

SSS nonwoven machine

Main Parameters of Three-beam Spunbond Non-woven Line:

Quantity of Die

Spunbond Unit: 3 set

Effective Width <mm>






Embossing Pattern





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