Equipped with Xichai Kangwei Machine's new tyrants 黔江 was praised

On November 19th, 2016, FAW Xichee in Chongqing's beautiful Qianjiang District joined hands with FAW Hongta to hold the "FAW-GM and China FAW Xichai National IV and National Five Joint Promotion Product Promotion Conference". More than 70 new and old people from the Minjiang River and surrounding areas Users gathered together to witness the style of the new bully. As an old brand of China's light trucks, FAW Hongta has a very strong product quality and strong bearing capacity. It is popular with users in the Minjiang River area and has more than 800 vehicles in the Minjiang River area. The promotion will mainly introduce the performance characteristics of the new BaLing and the performance characteristics of the FAW XiChai Five products and the smart upgrade on the service.
FAW Hongta Chongqing Area Chen Congyi Manager FAW Hongta Chongqing Area Chen Congyi Manager

FAW Hongta Chongqing regional manager Chen Congyi carried out the Baling series of products. The new Ba Ling equipped with FAW Xichai Conway 490 engine is the only product in the industry with a 28-wheel distance section that uses the air brake. The maximum torque is 220 NM. At the same time, the Xicai 490 products are also fitted on the 2400 and 2600 wheelbases, ensuring a large power input for small wheelbases, satisfying the power demand of users in mountainous regions, and improving users' climbing performance. And Hongta equipped with Xichai 490 five products will be listed next year, the use of Xichai's independent research and development of EGR + DPE technology route, without adding urea to meet the national five emission standards, is the FAW Hongta in the country's five stages of the main driving force.

FAW Xichai Chongqing Division Manager Zhang Bo FAW Xichai Chongqing Division Manager Zhang Bo

Zhang Bo of Chongqing FAW Xichai’s business division made a series of introductions on FAW Xichai’s company profile, Conway IV products, service network, parts network, and national IV’s and China’s five product usage and maintenance knowledge. The focus was on FAW Xichao Kangwei State V. The engine's advanced technology and service features are described in detail:

Xichai Conway 490 State 5 diesel engine adopts the internationally advanced DPF technology route, the national six technology, the national five application, the leading technology, the only domestic; without adding urea, the user is convenient and saves money and worry.

Xichai Conway 4102 State 5 diesel engine, heavy truck technology and experience, completely solve the problem of SCR urea crystallization, the use of xichai 4102 five machines, urea is not crystallized, without any worries.

Xichai’s six major features in service:

1, Xichai service call center has been fully upgraded, the national unified customer service hotline 4008281199, 24 hours unimpeded access to customer requests for services, consulting, complaints and other services. All users need to dial 4008281199, the rest will be handed over to Xichai and ensure satisfaction. Through the service scheduling of the call center, the entire process of the service is controlled;

2. Service center construction based on the province

3, Smart Xichai APP, plays the role of remote management, remote service support, user communication

4, health management, real-time monitoring of engine operating conditions, sub-health diagnosis and alarm, vehicle maintenance and automatic reminder

5, remote diagnosis, the integration of network technology experts resources to achieve fault remote consultation, remote control diagnostic equipment directly involved in real-time diagnosis, remote data read and write processing, fault information, real-time upload file

6, service product planning, A full maintenance - to improve user satisfaction for the purpose of the maximum lifting of the user's worries in the process of use, all the vehicle maintenance, repairs and other work by the Xichai.

B On the 26th of each month, on the 26th of each month, each province designated a service station to carry out Xichai Service Day. The user's vehicle can enjoy ten free physical examinations at the service station. Every year on September 26, All Xichai Service Stations carry out Xichai Service Day activities. In addition to the free ten physical examinations, users can enjoy three-packs of vehicle maintenance that can be free of working hours.

C-car nanny - Install engine diagnosis equipment on the engine to monitor engine operation.

User tasting User's Tasting Red Tower Babell

At the site of the event, a prototype car was also prepared for users to test rides. After driving, the user feels that Red Tower tyrants have low fuel consumption, strong power, and low noise. The event site has 3 orders and 3 potential customers.

The promotion activity made the Hongta Light Truck equipped with xichai Kangwei products win the praise of the users in the Minjiang area, and promoted the sales performance of xichai in the Minjiang area with superior performance and comfortable driving feeling. The brand influence has been further deepened.

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