Tractor companies get on the line and the survival of the fittest still needs time verification

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] The annual international industry exhibition, China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition has just come to an end. At the exhibition, especially on the external platform on the second floor, tractor products accounted for half of the country. The general view is that these tractor companies are getting on the line, the products are similar, the competition is converging, and the market order is disturbed. The author believes that this issue still needs to be rethought and re-examined. It can't be clouded, and it can be used to beat the sticks and clasp the hats.
Tractor companies get on the line and the survival of the fittest still needs time verification
We have seen that in recent years, the mainstream brand tractors at the exhibition have changed from 120 horsepower tractors to 150 horsepower and above, and even to horsepower above 150-200. Domestic companies have also developed these products, almost becoming the normal state of the product line. Capping. In other words, the original horsepower segment of the second echelon is rapidly moving closer to the Eastern Red and Revo of the echelon. In contrast to the echelon, the breakthrough of the substantial horsepower segment is not large, and the power is basically at around 220 horsepower.
Researcher of the Agricultural Machinery Test and Identification Station of the Ministry of Agriculture pointed out: At present, the tractor is moving towards two extremes. First, the product, the gearbox basically uses a 1-zone power shift synchronizer shift or full power shift gearbox, 2 high /Low-speed power shifting main gearbox synchronizer shifting; power shifting mechanism; electronically controlled clutch; electronically controlled PTO; electronically controlled four-wheel drive; navigation system; second, low-end products, gearbox with meshing sleeve shifting, Forced hydraulic lifting system, dry clutch, spur gear transmission, etc.
However, objectively speaking, the products of the domestic echelon have not yet achieved substantial market occupation, and the main sales models are still low-end products. That is to say, the main products of the second echelon (high jump level) are at a technical level. The competitive situation is slightly embarrassing. The problem that arises here is that, in the case of basically the same supply chain resources, the single unit cost of the echelon is obviously much higher than that of the second echelon, which is why the second echelon dares to smash the market with a price difference of about 15%. Where.
The above is the basic situation of the supply side, let us look at the market reality on the demand side. In recent years, with the rapid increase in the quantity of agricultural machinery products and the rapid development of the level of agricultural mechanization, the income of agricultural machine operators has gradually revealed many problems, and there is also a differentiation: good machine operators still have a good work, per year, With steady increase in operating income, they are beginning to choose a larger and larger foreign machine brand, such as power machinery, and the same configuration equipment, especially the flip plough is almost all equipped with foreign brands; some of the gains of the operators are at risk, not very A good workload, or the number of work acres is shrinking, so in the purchase of agricultural machinery used, gradually tend to the second-tier and third-line brands with higher cost performance, after all, there is a difference of 15% or more.
In other words, the players whose revenues are rising steadily are jumping to foreign brands, and the players with falling revenues are choosing domestic products with higher cost performance, so that they can respond to their own repeated measurement rates. It must be said that the operator is extremely savvy within his own cognitive range. This is beyond doubt.

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