Control every aspect of value transfer to cast high reliability of Xikang products

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In the face of a million-kilometre engine without major repairs, how will companies be treated? Xi’an Cummins’s approach is actually a direct dismantling! It is with this dismantling record that China’s truck network has made a huge impact on millions of kilometers of overhauled engines. With the interest, we chose to break the sand-pot approach and analyze the underlying causes of millions of kilometers of Xikang without major repairs from the user, technology, operations, quality, and partners. Today we feel the quality of the company from the perspective of the value of the industry chain, please pay attention to our continuous series of reports.

Jiang Zhenhui, a heavy-duty truck user in Xinjiang, used the ISM engine to easily achieve a million kilometers without major repairs. This event has caused numerous cardmates' attention after it was reported. As everyone knows, such as Jiang Zhenhui, the number of millions of users of ISM engines that have not been overhauled is countless across the country. It is distributed in long-distance, standard-laden logistics, engineering construction, large-scale transportation, and mining excavation. It has witnessed Xi'an in every moment. The high reliability of Cummins ISM engine and its millions of kilometers without overhaul quality!

How did Xi'an Cummins do this? We (China Truck Net) reporters from Xi'an Cummins Chief Engineer Wang Huajiang found some answers here: Xi'an Cummins Engine from product design, parts procurement, production operations, vehicle matching to The maintenance and control of the customer through the maintenance of this all-value transfer process is the basic guarantee for achieving high reliability of the ISM engine.

Xi'an Cummins Chief Engineer Wang Huajiang
Xi'an Cummins Chief Engineer Wang Huajiang

Unique design is the cornerstone of high product reliability

Cummins, the only engine company in the world with all technology and key system integration capabilities, the engine's five core systems - electronic control systems, fuel systems, turbocharger systems, combustion systems, filtration and aftertreatment systems, is to achieve high engine The cornerstone of reliability. The ISM engine produced by Xi'an Cummins originated from Cummins of the United States. At the beginning of its design, it fully considered the adaptability of the engine to various operating conditions. For example, the Cummins Celect technology was used in the fuel system to make ISM adaptability to oil products in the industry. In the highly competitive, the adaptability of oil products reached more than three times that of the common rail system, forming a good reputation for high reliability; in another example, the ISM engine uses a mechanical oil viscosity sensor to ensure the lubrication of the oil. It also increases the life of the engine, and the use of the oil bypass valve can prevent the engine from prematurely grinding due to the customer's maintenance being not timely. Obviously, all kinds of unique designs made according to customer needs are achieved by the ISM. Technical protection for overhaul. With more than 1 million ISM engines globally, countless customers across North America, Eurasia, and Africa have witnessed the superior quality of this engine, which fully proves that the ISM engine is a rare classic product. After the introduction of this engine into China, Xi'an Cummins's technical team, in accordance with the needs of the Chinese market, combined with the habits of Chinese customers, strictly follow the Cummins product development and verification process, and improved the ISM's product performance, while ensuring high reliability while reducing fuel consumption. , To increase the maximum torque of the product and achieve the effective integration of power, economy, and reliability. The customer is called the heavy-duty engine that is most suitable for the Chinese market!

Strict management is a powerful guarantee for high product reliability

If the design of the product is the cornerstone, then the procurement of spare parts for the product and the management of the entire production process are the guarantees to ensure the product's high reliability. Xi'an Cummins strictly follows the Cummins supplier management system to ensure that its engine products are in sync with the world's quality, and can withstand the continuous verification of various users and various working conditions. At the internal management level, the Cummins engine production standard, manufacturing process, assembly process and quality control system all adopt the United States Cummins global unified standard; use integrated error correction and assembly control system to ensure zero defects in the production line; imported Cummins standard test bench , 100% off the line will be seized, to ensure that each finished product meets Cummins quality standards, to meet user needs. The micro-positive pressure factory building that achieves food-grade safety, with no paper, dust, and error-free production lines, makes Xikang's production and operation environment superior, and invests in the continuous improvement of the skills and overall quality of personnel in each position, enabling the efficiency and quality of Xikang's operations. Guaranteed to ensure high reliability of the product.

Constantly optimized vehicle matching technology is the top priority for achieving high product reliability

The engine itself is an intermediate product. Only when combined with the heavy truck can the value output to end users be realized. Xi'an Cummins strictly abides by the Cummins IQA process and actively cooperates closely with various OEMs. It strives to optimize the engine selection, matching installation quality design, experimental confirmation, matching installation quality assessment, and product quality inspection, and matches the different market segments. Excellent power chain. Taking Shaanxi Auto as an example, the Xikang technical team and Shaanqi Research Institute have formed a seamless connection. From the beginning of vehicle development and design, ISM's matching and application problems are considered comprehensively. On the one hand, the staff of the two sides continuously optimize the vehicle design and assembly layout. , ISM and other vehicle equipment to perform their duties, to play the best performance; the other hand, continue to gain market voice, according to the conditions of each working condition, through the adjustment of ISM application matching to help complete vehicle performance to meet or even exceed customer demand. It is this precise matching that ensures the high reliability of the ISM in the entire vehicle system.

Good customer is really good

The user's experience and perception is the only standard to verify whether a product is good or bad. Therefore, Xi'an Cummins pays great attention to the user's use, maintenance training and after-sales service guarantee. Established six training centers in Xi’an, Hefei, Kunming, Shenyang, Urumqi, and Shenzhen to ensure that all regional service stations and typical customers can use, maintain, and maintain training, optimize customer use and service experience, and actively collaborate with OEMs to create training together. And service system to achieve effective expansion of service scope, depth of training, and breadth; established sales service training that is highly praised by customers, that is, one-on-one use training for each newly-purchased user, ensuring that users use ISM engine correctly , And in accordance with the provisions of the engine maintenance. These measures have greatly enhanced the customer's understanding of ISM products and enabled the product's high reliability to be fully utilized.

“A good product must be the product that is optimally protected from all aspects of value transfer. This is the case with the ISM engine. Whether it is design, procurement, production, application, training and after-sales, Xi’an Cummins strives for excellence. Therefore, With regard to the application of ISM engine matching in the whole vehicle, it is not surprising that there are so many millions of kilometers of customers without major repairs.” Wang Zonggong said confidently.

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Domestic main Zinc alloy chemical composition

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Die casting zinc alloy mechanical properties

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