Car repair Please note that these four conditions are wrong

People have some misconceptions in the use and maintenance of cars. Sometimes these misconceptions seem correct, but they are not. They are very harmful. They can cause damage to vehicles and threaten their personal safety. The greater possibility is that Buried hidden dangers of accidents, or caused the performance of vehicles, accelerated wear, shortened life expectancy.

1. Blindly remove the engine thermostat If you blindly remove the thermostat due to the high engine temperature, the coolant can only perform a large cycle, can not adjust the cooling intensity, it is difficult to ensure that the engine works at a more appropriate temperature, but the engine is often in the Working at low temperatures results in a drop in engine power, accelerated wear, and increased fuel consumption. If the engine temperature is still high after troubleshooting or replacing the engine thermostat, other parts of the cooling system should be inspected and the thermostat can not be removed.

2. The fear of high engine temperature is not afraid of low. Some people think that the engine temperature is not afraid of high when driving. In fact, when the engine temperature is low, the danger is also great. Cars should be driven according to the normal temperature specified in the vehicle's operating instructions to ensure the service life of the engine.

3. The tighter the water pump fan belt, the tighter the belt is not better. Too tight a belt not only makes it stretch or break, shortens the service life of the belt, but also results in excessive deformation of the generator shaft, the water pump shaft, and early damage to the bearing. The tightness of the car engine fan belt should meet the technical requirements. Normally, the normal belt is equipped with a deflection of 10-15mm.

4. When the engine is idling at an idle speed, the oil pump cannot quickly press the lubricant into each lubrication surface due to the low rotation speed, and the oil pressure is also low, so that the engine parts are in dry friction or semi-dry friction state. Under work; fuel due to poor low-temperature atomization, so that unburned fuel (mixed gas) into the crankcase, flush off the oil film on the cylinder wall, it will also accelerate the wear of the parts. Therefore, after the engine is started for a few seconds, the application of fast idle temperature (in the modern car with fast idle speed device, after the engine temperature rises, it will automatically adjust to the idle state) to improve the engine lubrication conditions.

The machine has two spindles, the work time can be carved with different patterns, and with two different knife to carve what kind of pattern can always switch blade, greatly improves the work efficiency, saves time and labor


XY working area


Z working area


Working accuracy


Repositioning accuracy


Max. working speed


Max. traveling speed


Spindle power


Spindle speed


Max. power consumption(without spindle)


Working voltage


Control system

DSP handset

Drive motor


Command language


Machine weight


Packaging Measure



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