Yunnei Dynamics Series Marketing Campaign Successfully Held in August

In August, the “barbecue model” was launched throughout the country, but the hot weather did not allow the marketing professionals of Yunnei Power to retreat. Instead, it provoked everyone's high morale. In order to let more people understand the “classic” quality of the DEV series in the cloud, marketing officers will go deep into the market and use the dedicated spirit and dedicated service to cultivate the national market and push the cloud products to a wider world.

â–  Cloud DEV series carrying Jianghuai Chunling into Gansu market

Recently, Yunnei Power Shaanxi, Ningxia, and Qinghai Marketing Department and Gansu Jishun Jianghuai dealership cooperated for the first time and jointly held the “2015 Junbell Happy Purchase and Yunnei DEV Power High-end Engine Launching Conference” in Lanzhou, Gansu, aiming to improve The sales volume of high-end engines of the Yundu D25 and D20 in the Gansu region has established a long-term and close strategic partnership with dealers. At the press conference, leaders of Yunnei Power Marketing introduced the main technical parameters, product features and competitive advantages of the D25 and D20 engines in the cloud. DEV series engine torque, fuel consumption, noise indicators reached the advanced level of the same type of international products, fully meet the needs of the majority of users in terms of performance and fuel economy, with a clear market competitive advantage. At the same time, the manager of Jianghuai Junling District also introduced in detail the production technology of the models carrying Yunnei products.

The conference was successfully completed with the joint efforts of many parties. Several users ordered on-site the JAC Chunling light trucks equipped with Yunnei engines.

Yunnei Power Jianghuai Junling Light Card
Yunnei dynamic Jianghuai Junling light truck

â–  Yunnei Power Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Service Exchange Conference was held successfully

Under the situation of the vigorous development of the national four-machine market in the country, the number of possessions in Yuni’s national four-machine market continued to increase nationwide. In order to better protect the company’s four sales markets, Yunnei Power Marketing Company’s Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia Market Department recently held a four-day “Shaanxi Inner Mongolia Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningye Regional Service Exchange Conference” with a view to deepening The service stations in the area know about Yunnei Guosi and natural gas engines, and enhance communication and exchange among regional cooperation units.

Yunnei Shaan-Gan-Ning-Qing Regional Service Exchange Conference
Yunnei Shaan-Gan-Ning-Qing Regional Service Exchange Conference

In addition to inviting district service station representatives to participate in the meeting, the training also invited JAC, Universiade, Nanjun, Wuzheng, Kemah and other factory personnel, distributors of key distributors in the area, and the captains of various bus companies in Xi'an to participate in training exchanges. During the training, Yunnei Dynamics Service Engineer and China National Steamship Engineering Center focused on the construction and working principle of the National IV and natural gas engine. Based on the actual situation, the participants explained the causes of the common faults and how to eliminate them. All attendees listened carefully and carefully recorded and shared the typical cases and troubleshooting experience encountered during the market service. In order to enhance the effectiveness of the training, actual combat observations and troubleshooting drills were also arranged after the meeting.

■ Universiade • Cloud DEV Series Promotion Conference Successfully Held

In recent days, the “Grand Canal-Yunnei DEV Series Product Promotion Conference” with the theme of “National IV Helping Environmental Protection Core” was held in Chengdu Dayun Auto Group Co., Ltd. 4S store, with dealers from various cities in the province. Key customers attended the meeting.

Dayun • Yunnei DEV Series Products
Dayun • Yunnei DEV Series Products

   At the meeting, Yunnei Power and Universiade Automotive Engineers gave a detailed introduction to the series of products. Later, the on-site guests conducted independent discussions and exchanges around the new products. During the process, Yunnei Dynamics and Chengdu Universiade engineers carried out questions for everyone. Responding to doubts and confessions, we received the affirmation of the honored guests with dedicated service attitude.

The Universiade • Yun Nei DEV series product promotion conference was successfully held
The Universiade • Yun Nei DEV series product promotion conference was successfully held

At the unveiling ceremony of the “Da Yun New Product·Yun Nei DEV Series” product launch, the leaders of the Dayun Automobile Plant delivered a speech and expressed their confidence in the prospect of the "Universiade new product and cloud DEV series". In the final test drive test drive, the guests on the site personally experienced the comfort and superiority of the new products and expressed their appreciation.

Through the early planning and layout, Yunnei has achieved absolute advantages in the national market. However, the old saying goes: The industry is proficient in work and absurd. In the face of the road of transformation and upgrading that still has a long way to go, Yunnei will continue to advance and surpass it. While intensively growing the country's four markets and arranging the country's five markets, Yunnei Power will launch the Euro VI diesel engine R&D project in 2016 to promote the company's reform and development with an international perspective and to cast high-gold-rich Chinese engine brand names.

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