Motion Simulation of DSX5-70 Three-bar Five-degree-of-freedom Parallel Virtual Axis Machine

The preface uses a variety of object-oriented methods to design a high-precision manufacturing and automation system from Northeastern University. It is known as the Stewat*Gough mechanism 112 parallel machine representative product tire pressure tester, three-bar six-degree-of-freedom flight training simulator 131. In the manufacturing industry, this type of machine based on the Stewat-Gough mechanism is called a virtual axis machine. Because it has the advantages of high rigidity, stable structure, high processing precision, and easy inversion of kinematics, it is 6! Shi Jiashun, Li Bo, Sun Wei and so on. The open CNC system of the DSX5-70 three-bar virtual axis machine. Manufacturing technology and machine tools, 2000 (2) 30 ~ 3271 He Ping, Xia Xiuhong, He Gang. Apply high-speed interface technology in machine tool numerical control system. Manufacturing Technology and Machine Tools, 1999 (5): 20~218 Gao Lihui, Wang Runxiao, Yin Lei, Zhang Yan. Multi-coordinate NC machining process simulation based on 3D solid model. Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, Ph.D. in 2002.
(Continued from page 15) 12 Xiao Yongli, Zhang Wei. Design and development of a miniature helicopter based on 2mm micromotor. High-Tech Communications, 2001 (4) 79 ~ 8113 T. Nick Pornsin - sirimk. S. Lee 15 Xin Jiancheng. The research on the micro-unmanned aerial vehicle (bottom) robot technology and the key technology of the micro-aircraft. E-mail: 1 in the development of the three c-pole parallel 1 virtual axis machine tool 6P using hhgHouse.Allrightsreserved, htt receiving time nSSi

Shoe Sole Injection Molding Machine

Shoe sole Injection Molding Machine produces the shoe sole injection molding, which is widly used to people's daily life. For the shoe sole injection molding, we can use different plastic material to make, such as plastic PE, plastic PVC, plastic EVA and other plastic material. And the size and color of shoe sole injection molding are various. Thus, customers are able according the actual needs to select men shoe sole vertical injection molding machinewomen shoe sole vertical injection molding machinechildren shoe sole vertical injection molding machine or two color shoe sole injection molding machine etc. The key point is we will provide the good quality products and sevice, if you need our products, welcome feel free to contact us.

Features & Applications:

1. Vertical clamping, vertical injection, easy to insert.

2. Optional single slide table design or double slide table design or rotary design, increase production and more convenient.

3. Various hydraulic system (semi-closed loop, servo or high-speed injection) designs for different application needs.

4. Optional 2 stations or more stations according the actual needs.

5. Automatically display fault, easy to repair.

Shoe Sole Injection Molding Machine

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