Led mobile advertising car radiator use matters needing attention

1. When the radiator of the LED mobile advertising vehicle is filled with water to add water, be sure to turn off the water release switch of the engine block of the LED advertising vehicle. After observing the flow of water, turn off the switch. Above, this way of operation can guarantee that there will be no blisters during the release of water.


2. When selecting anti-freeze for the LED mobile advertising vehicle heat dissipation, in order to avoid any corrosive failure of the radiator, please choose to use the antifreeze fluid of a qualified manufacturer, and the product is in full compliance with relevant national standards. .

3. When the driver installs the LED mobile advertising radiator, he must be careful not to damage the cooling belt. Radiator should be handled with care, do not let it hurt. This is something that must be noticed when maintaining LED radiators. Only by ensuring the integrity of the heat-dissipation belt of the LED mobile advertising vehicle can the smooth heat dissipation performance be guaranteed.

4. Outdoor use When the LED mobile advertising vehicle, be careful not to allow the vehicle's radiator to be exposed to alkaline and acidic items, with corrosive items can not be contacted.

5. When the LED mobile advertising vehicle is used in peacetime, the driver needs to carefully check the water level at any time and any place. In the case of stopping at the stop, the first step is to raise the temperature before lowering it. water. And in the process of adding water, we must remember not to allow the body to come into contact with the inlet of water, so as to effectively prevent the high-pressure steam from being sputtered from the location of the water inlet when water is added.

6, when the LED radiator advertising radiator spare storage, it should be to select a dry and ventilated place, so as to ensure that its use of performance will not be affected.

7. When the radiator of the LED mobile advertising vehicle is softened, some soft and hard water can be used to combine with each other, so that it can effectively prevent the radiator from being blocked during the use of the LED mobile advertising vehicle. It is a situation where scale and the like appear.

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