Huaan Zhengxing first production line officially put into production

Huaan Zhengxing first production line officially put into production Recently, Huaan Zhengxing Wheel Co., Ltd., located in the Hua'an Industrial Concentration Zone, officially put into production the first fully automatic aluminum wheel production line.

Huaan Aluminum Wheel is the first major investment project after the listing of Zhengxing Group, and it is also an important step for Zhengxing Group to transform from traditional steel wheels to high-tech aluminum wheels. With the rapid development of the world's auto industry, lightweight, energy-saving and environmentally friendly aluminum wheels will become the new trend of the leading wheel industry. Zhengxing has reviewed the situation, introduced the world's most advanced aluminum wheel manufacturing technology, and is committed to building a modern aluminum wheel production base that will lead the development of the world wheel in the Hua'an Industrial Concentration Zone.

The production line has an annual production capacity of 500,000 sets of aluminum wheels. It integrates U.S. aviation forging technology and Germany, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan and other world-leading cutting-edge modern aluminum wheel production technologies, becoming the world’s first fully automated aluminum alloy forged truck wheel. Circle production line. In addition, the second phase of the project construction started immediately afterwards, which also possesses the world's best technical and technological level, and provides perfect technology, equipment and quality assurance for the production of high-end aluminum wheels and aluminum alloy products. The construction of the Huaan Aluminum Wheel Project not only has important milestones for Zhengxing but also has a profound impact on the industrial development of Zhangzhou.

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