Beijing Railway Station Taxi Driver Shows High Price for Guest Satisfaction

Beijing Railway Station Taxi Driver Exalted Guest's Satisfaction and Satisfy Robbery Diesel Generator | Diesel Generator Price / 2012-12-22

"The master can't walk, go to XX?" Now, more and more people will ask this sentence when they hit the car. According to a report released by the Shanghai Academy of Social Science on the 20th, Beijing ranks 28th in the survey of the ease of taxiing in 38 cities.
The previous day, our reporter selected six locations to experience the situation of taxis in the morning and evening peaks and off-peak periods. Starting from today, this newspaper will investigate and reveal the problems that are more concentrated in the difficulty of taxiing.
Yesterday, the reporter was divided into three divisions and Wangfujing, Dongzhimen and Beijing Railway Stations were selected to be visited by three netizens who complained about how much they had given up.
Location: Wangfujing East Xintiandi
"I'm a car outcry"
At 16:45 yesterday, four taxis were parked at the entrance of the Oriental Xintiandi, both of which showed a “suspend”. When the reporter came forward, he said that he was going to Hujialou. One of the brothers said that he was waiting and he would not go.
At 16:53, three ladies from the East Xintiandi came straight to the taxi waiting for the road, but soon they got off again. The three ladies said that they were ready to go to Chaoyang North Road, but the drivers said they did not play the watch. They had to go down.
“The taxis parked here don’t do anything to beat the table.” Next to a private owner, who often plays in the dark, he said.
After 17 o'clock, more and more taxis stopped at the entrance of the Oriental Xintiandi, reaching 9 vehicles. Two foreign men approached each vehicle and asked for rejections. “If you go to Sanlitun, you have to pay 100 yuan, and you don’t play the watch,” said one of the men.
Since then, there are 3 dialling people who respectively go to Longtanhu Park, Haidian Huangzhuang, and Chongwenmen, all of whom were asked to play the meter and were rejected by the driver.
A teacher who frequently works in the vicinity revealed that these taxis are very profitable. “You don’t have to run around on the road, you don’t have to pay for fuel, and you don’t have to watch. People are not afraid of nobody.” Say.
At 17:50, the reporter once again stepped forward and took a taxi. Three taxi drivers asked where the reporter was going. Two of the vehicles were written with Beichuang Taxi Company and the other was written with Feiyu Taxi Company. After learning that the reporter was going to Hujialou, the driver of Feiyu Taxi Company stated that he would not go, and the driver of a Beichuang company stated “100 yuan, a price, and not playing a watch”. "I'm a car out of price," said the driver.
[Complaint response]
Beichuang Company
Three working days to reply
In the 70-minute survey experience, there were a total of 13 taxis at the front and rear of the East Gate of Xintiandi. All monitors showed “pause” or “outage”. Before and after a total of 39 people asked about the taxi situation, only 5 people agreed to leave the car at a good price, the rest of the people basically choose to take the subway.
Yesterday, the reporter refused to answer the question and called the Northern Venture Taxi Company to make a complaint. After recording information on taxis and reporters, the other party said that they would reply to the reporter within three working days.
Beijing News reporter Lin Ye
Location: Dongzhimen Transportation Hub
"Only go to Huairou and Miyun."
During the peak hours yesterday evening, under the Guosheng Center of Dongzhimen, seven or eight taxis stopped at the roadside outside the Dongzhimen public transport hub. Many of the vehicles' operating status displayed “pause” and the rest showed “empty cars”. The drivers kept in front of the bus stop signs in groups and constantly inquired about the passing pedestrians to “get a taxi? Go to Huairou and Shunyi”.
See a man with his wife and children waiting for the bus, a few drivers went around and learned that when the other wanted to go to Huairou somewhere, a driver asked for 200 yuan. "How much?" The man asked in surprise. "Take a taxi for about 120 yuan at ordinary times." He thought the asking price was too high and the man refused to ride.
Two other passengers traveled to the Capital Airport at a price of 100 yuan per person, in a taxi that was originally in the form of a "pause."
The reporter came forward to express his wish to take a taxi to Xingfu Street. All drivers shook their heads. “Only go to Huairou and Miyun.” However, when the reporter said that "Beijing Railway Station is OK," the two drivers immediately said they could go, "80 yuan lower."
In the end, the reporter agreed with a taxi with a light "empty car" light, and 60 yuan to the Beijing Railway Station. The company column of the car service card read "Jinshishun" and the driver with service number 262056 is surnamed Yu. As to why the asking price is so expensive, the driver said that because of bad taxis during peak hours, “If you go to a Beijing station and get stuck in traffic, you may have to give you a detour.”
After 15 minutes, the car arrived near the Beijing Railway Station and was 5 kilometers away. The reporter paid 60 yuan.
The reporter put forward "to invoice", the driver said there is no regular ticket, but you can give a "can also be reimbursed" invoice. This invoice shows the face of the "Beijing fixed-rate special invoices," the bottom right corner covered with "Beijing Shougang rental company" chapter.
[Complaint response]
Jinshishun Company
The driver is not his employee
Yesterday, after a reporter complained to the Beijing Jinshishun taxi company, one of the other staff members stated that the team did not have a surname driver or the service number. “If it is not our company’s car, you may have a false rental.”
Shouqi's customer service hotline said that the invoice in the hands of the reporter is not owned by Shouqi. "Our chapter is not like that. The taxi ticket has a chapter full of special taxi invoices for Beijing taxis." The officer said that even if it is Shouqi's fixed invoices will not be given to passengers. "Only commercial vehicles are for companies that contract vehicles. Invoices will only be given to companies." The officer believes that the invoices in the hands of reporters may be false.
Beijing News reporter Liu Zhenni
Location: Near Beijing Railway Station
"Ride my car to the West Point on 120"
At 5:30 pm yesterday, in the “taxi waiting area” of Beijing Railway Station Square, more than 100 passengers lined up a long line of more than 20 meters. “We waited for half an hour and everyone was frozen.”
“It is peak time, there are few empty cars entering the waiting area,” a manager explained. “Every day.”
20 meters to the east of the waiting area, many empty taxis are parked on the side of the road. “Take a taxi? Get on the train and go.” But when there are pedestrians approaching, several drivers will step forward and “live”.
"Where to go?" After the reporter approached, he was also surrounded by drivers. "To Beijing West Railway Station 120 yuan," the driver began to "bargain."
“We are all regular taxis.” A driver pointed to a taxi behind him bearing the “Yuyang Company” logo with the license plate number “Beijing BM7937”.
"Take the table pricing, it can be 30 yuan to play the table," the reporter proposed, but then was rejected, "do not play the table, take my car to the West Point to 120."
"But according to the regulations, regular taxis are used. Drivers must make metering and can't ask for prices at will," the reporter argued.
"You are willing to sit and sit, do not take the eggs, go in line to freeze it," the driver became impatient, leaving the reporter to leave.
Several other empty taxi drivers went to Beijing West Railway Station and clamored for prices ranging from RMB 80 to RMB 100. However, they all refused to hear the reporter’s request to “make a meter”.
Regarding the issue of “bargaining on the bargaining price” for taxis, an executive from the waiting area stated that “empty rents (outside the waiting area) never come in. We cannot control it.”
[Complaint response]
Yuyang Company
Reply within 10 working days
On this matter, last night, the reporter called the Beijing Yuyang Taxi Company to make a complaint. After a female staff member recorded the license plate number, location, and reporter’s “bargaining rejection”, he said, “We will be within 10 working days. reply you".
The reporter stated that the vehicle is still in operation. Can the company come to the scene to solve it? Later, when the reporter heard the phone call, the female staff member asked the person in question for a moment and told again that "the reply will be given within 10 working days."
Beijing News reporter Shi Minglei
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The brother negotiated a small penalty of 100 yuan
The Beijing Taxi Management Regulations stipulate that taxi drivers must use the meter correctly and must not negotiate with passengers. In case of any violation, the competent department of transportation administration shall give a warning and impose a fine of between 100 yuan and 1,000 yuan; if the circumstances are serious, a fine of between 1,000 yuan and 2,000 yuan shall be imposed, and the violation record shall be recorded on the qualification certificate for operation, and the operation qualification may be temporarily deducted. Documents from 1 month to 3 months.
In addition, if the taxi driver refuses to carry passengers, the traffic administrative department shall impose a fine of between 1,000 yuan and 2,000 yuan on the operational qualification certificate, and make a violation of the operational qualification certificate, and may temporarily detain the operational qualification certificate for one to three months; In serious cases, the operating qualification certificate is revoked.
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