99% of users doubt about LCD splicing screen

The LCD splicing screen is one of the display screens most favored by users at present, and its application field has spanned various fields such as entertainment, security, and broadcasting. There are more and more merchants who produce LCD screens, and various products are dazzling, but the careful selection of LCD splicing screens is the protection of the display effect of the later period. If the user does not understand the product in-depth, it will inevitably fall into a certain situation. Misunderstandings affect the use of results. The following are the problems that should be paid attention to in the performance and use of the LCD splicing screen that Xiaobian comprehensively organizes, hoping to help the user to use it efficiently.

LCD splicing screen

Is there a temperature limit for LCD splicing applications?

With the increasing awareness of the market, the application scope of LCD splicing screens has been continuously expanded, which has caused many industry users to attribute its “universal” property. In fact, if you want to ensure the efficient application of LCD splicing screens, the surrounding environment Temperature is a factor that cannot be ignored. In general, the use of LCD splicing screen temperature is between 0 to 40 degrees Celsius. Because the liquid crystal panel uses a thermotropic liquid crystal that is derived from changes in temperature, and its photoelectric effect is controlled by temperature. If the temperature is not within its operating temperature range, it is equivalent to getting rid of the electric field control without a photoelectric effect. Various problems.

In practical applications, if the application environment temperature conditions are harsh, users are advised to install an air conditioner and set the temperature between 25 and 26 degrees Celsius to ensure that the liquid crystal splicing wall is in working condition.

LCD splicing screen color difference how to do?

After any display product is used for a certain period of time, the display effect will be attenuated to a certain degree. Of course, the LCD splicing screen is no exception, but its attenuation will not happen frequently and will be different due to the quality of different manufacturers' products. And in response to this, many manufacturers have the appropriate adjustment methods, which effectively extend the service life, so when choosing the LCD splicing screen, we must choose after-sales service more secure manufacturers.

How to deal with static electricity?

When the static electricity is relatively large, it may cause some interference to the video signal of the splicing screen, and may even cause damage to the chip at the interface of the splicing system. Therefore, it is necessary to attach great importance to the treatment of static electricity. If the liquid crystal splicing screen appears ripples in the process of more important conferences or video surveillance and other processes, the technical solution engineer of Emperor Aidi said that the fastest way to deal with static electricity is to find two wires connecting the LCD splicing screen to the earth to form a simple The grounding leads directly to the earth.

LCD splicing screen does not need to "rest"?

The so-called 7x24-hour continuous operation in the market is the peak of the LCD splicing screen, which is also an ideal state. In practical applications, if the user wants to extend the service life of the LCD splicing screen as much as possible, it is necessary to try to give it "a holiday." Because any object has a longevity, the LCD splicing screen can easily overheat certain pixels, and once it exceeds the limit, it will cause permanent damage. Therefore, it is best to let them intermittently take a break during use. , If the conditions do not allow, you can try to change the display content of the screen in different time intervals in order to allow the screen body to adjust slightly when waiting for work.

The thinner the LCD splicing screen, the better?

The thinner the product is, the higher the requirement for the manufacturing process is. If the production process is not closed, not only the color of the screen display will be dimmed, but also the viewing angle will become smaller, and the probability of the occurrence of a dead pixel on the screen will also increase. So far, the industry does not have a very comprehensive set of technologies to solve this problem. Therefore, the maintenance in the later period is very important. Therefore, when selecting the light and thin products, if the conditions permit, we must choose from the production to the sales Aftermarket integrated brand products.

The existence of every product in the world is accompanied by everyone discovering problems, giving feedback, and solving problems. Emperor Aidi actively found problems and solved problems in Shangxian Business, and made a general answer to most people's doubts about the LCD screen, so that everyone could have a general understanding of the LCD splicing screen, and there were any problems in the industry. Welcome to consult with Ai Di.

This article was edited and published by Emperor Aidi. Please indicate the source.

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