Website maintenance should always be done frequently

After a website is constructed, it can't be ignored during the process of use. It must be maintained like a car.

The maintenance of the site is very important. Have you ever had a warehouse with a musty smell? I think no one wants to be there. Your hut must be cleaned in time and popularity will flourish. Websites that haven't been updated for a long time will gradually lose popularity. The content has to be updated from time to time, or one or two days, or three or five days, but you can't go without a week.

What do you need to do to maintain your website?
The first is to monitor the operation of the site. In fact, the site must accept two types of visits, namely, Internet users and search robots.

The second is to conduct statistical analysis of website operations. After a website has been running for a while, you should understand: Which pages on the site are popular and why do these pages attract visitors? Which page has the least number of visits, but is the page with the least number of visits important? Which pages on the site no longer exist, and whether links to these nonexistent pages exist in other pages?

The third is to conduct search engine data tracking analysis. The current situation of the site in the search engine can be analyzed by referring to how to evaluate the search engine optimization effect, and then related search engine optimization strategy adjustments are made.

The fourth is to update the content of the website. Users like fresh information and periodically add new information content to the website. This should be a basic work.

The fifth is to interact with visitors. Frequently communicate with users who visit your website and listen to their opinions on website construction. How to further improve the website construction will enable them to have a pleasant visit experience, which is very important in website construction.

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