Research Progress of Controllable Graphene Film in Chinese Academy of Sciences

Recently, the SOI materials research group of the State Key Laboratory of Functional Materials for Information Technology, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences has made new progress in the preparation of graphene sheets with controllable layer numbers. The research team designed the Ni / Cu system and introduced the carbon source by using ion implantation technology. By precisely controlling the dose of carbon injected, the layer number of graphene was successfully controlled. Related research findings are published in Advanced Functional Materials Issue 24, 2015 in the title of Synthesis of Layer-Tunable Graphene: A Combined Kinetic Implantation and Thermal Ejection Approach.

Due to its excellent electrical properties, excellent thermal conductivity and excellent mechanical properties, graphene is generally considered to be the most competitive electronic material for the continuation of Moore's Law in the post-silicon CMOS era, and has broad application prospects. However, the number of graphene layers must be precisely controlled for specific application requirements. Based on the graphene layer number control problem and the characteristics of graphene prepared by Ni and Cu in CVD method, the SOI materials research group of Shanghai Microsystems made use of the difference of the two materials' ability to dissolve carbon, and designed the Ni / Cu system 25 μm Cu foil electron beam evaporated a layer of Ni 300 nm), and the use of mature ion implantation technology in the semiconductor industry will be injected into the Ni ion Cu / Ni Ni layer Cu layer by controlling the dose of carbon ions injected (Ie 4E15 atoms / cm2 dose corresponds to single graphene and 8E15 atoms / cm2 dose corresponds to double graphene). After annealing, single and double graphene were successfully prepared.

Compared with the traditional CVD preparation of graphene, ion implantation technology has the advantages of low temperature doping, precise energy and dose control and high uniformity. The single and double layers of graphene prepared by ion implantation are affected only by the carbon injection dose , Regardless of the gas volume ratio, substrate thickness and growth temperature. In addition, ion implantation technology and modern semiconductor technology compatible, help to achieve graphene as electronic materials in the real field of semiconductor devices.

The research has been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of innovative research groups, outstanding youth fund, the Chinese Academy of Sciences high mobility materials innovation research team and other related research programs.

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