Application of Quartet V560 series inverter in crusher

Abstract: This article gives a brief introduction to the application of Sifang Electric's V560 series inverter on the crusher. The frequency conversion technology, control technology and communication technology are integrated, and the performance of the crusher is significantly improved . The excellent control performance of the Quartet V560 series inverters satisfies the requirements of the crusher's large starting torque and high speed accuracy.

Keywords: V560, MODBUS communication, shredder, frequency conversion
First, technology introduction:
Powder size is typically measured by the number, it refers to the material over a number of square inch mesh. The larger the mesh, the finer the material . The crusher is a machine that grinds a large-size solid raw material to a desired number of meshes . The crusher used in this application is used to grind ultrafine powder such as calcium carbonate and the like.
Process requirements: The grading machine and the main engine start-up torque are relatively large. When the system is started, each mechanism is started in turn according to the production line. When the system is shut down, each mechanism shuts down in the reverse direction of the production line. When the grader current reaches a certain set value, the feeder pauses feeding.
Second, the working principle
   The material is continuously fed into the crushing chamber of the host through a feeder (conveyor belt), and the material is fully crushed by rolling, grinding and impact of the grinding wheel, and the pulverized particles enter the classifier for fine classification. The material that meets the fineness requirements is separated from the cyclone separator through the grading wheel, and the high pressure fan puts the system under negative pressure. The working process is as shown in the figure below:
Third, the system plan
The system sets the operating speed of each device through the touch screen, and uses the Quartet V560 series high-performance vector inverter as the speed control drive. The PLC controls the speed of the classifier and the feeder inverter through MODBUS communication.
1, system configuration
Grading machine motor: three-phase two-pole induction motor, rated power 30 KW, the speed range 50- 300 0r / min;
Classifier driver: Quartet V560 -4T0 300;
Feeding machine motor: three-phase four- pole asynchronous motor, rated power 4 KW ;
Feeder driver: Quartet V560 -4T0 040;
Main motor: three-phase four- pole asynchronous motor, rated power 132 KW ;
Host Driver: Soft Starter ;
Others: Delta PLC, Willen touch screen, buttons, indicator lights, and other wire accessories.
2, electrical schematics

Smash Electrical Control Chart
3 , inverter debugging parameters (reference value ):
Setting value
Open loop vector control mode
Frequency given by MODBUS communication
Run command controlled by external terminal
acceleration time
deceleration time
MODBUS communication parameter settings
Local station address
Fourth, the program advantages
1. Adopt open-loop vector control mode, large low-frequency torque, strong overload capacity;
2. Increase the electromagnetic brake function, realize rapid deceleration, and increase production efficiency;
3, simple control, less wiring, low failure rate, easy maintenance;
Five, summary
In the pulverizer system, there are two key points for the inverter control: First, the communication with the PLC , and the four-way inverter supports MODBUS RTU communication . When debugging, the hardware communication line should be shielded. Second, the acceleration and deceleration time of the inverter cannot be set too small. The crusher system control scheme introduced in this article is cost-effective, making the product highly competitive.

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