· Dongying 11 tire companies subject to Eurasian anti-dumping

Recently, the Eurasian Economic Commission issued a final ruling on the anti-dumping of Chinese truck tires, and decided to impose an anti-dumping duty of 14.79%-35.35% on imported truck tire products from China for a period of five years.

It is reported that the anti-dumping involved 11 enterprises in Dongying City, Shandong Province. Among them, Deruibao Tire Co., Ltd. was regarded as a non-responsible enterprise due to suspension of production, and the anti-dumping tax rate was the highest, at 35.35%.

The rest, Wanda Baotong tires were 28.03%; Xingyuan Tire, Shengtai Rubber, Ogore Tire, Hengyu Technology, Jinyu Tire, Yongtai Chemical, Hengfeng Rubber, Huasheng Rubber and other 9 companies had an anti-dumping tax rate of 19.52%.

It is understood that since September last year, the Eurasian Economic Commission has started anti-dumping investigations on China's heavy duty tires.

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