Module design of diesel generator set control system

Module Design of Diesel Generator Set Control System Xiao Yong, Li Dongyang (Lanzhou Power Vehicle Research Institute, Lanzhou 730050, China), and introduced the corresponding control modules for each control function.

1 Introduction Diesel generator set control system is an important part of diesel generator set, and it is the core of determining the performance and technology of diesel generator set. From the development and development direction of diesel generator electrical control systems in the past, most of them use analog electromechanical control circuits as the main design idea. Although some automatic control and protection system modules have been developed in recent years, most of them are mainly designed. Their own design ideas. The design idea is scattered, the control system is complex and requires professional technicians to debug. Compared with the current "three-way (generalization, serialization, modularization) design ideas of foreign power station electrical control systems, there is a big gap, which seriously restricts the industrialization development of diesel generator control systems, which is a serious problem. The phenomenon. Therefore, the step-by-step implementation of the module application of the control system on the diesel generator set is one of the important tasks for the future development of the diesel generator set control system.

The diesel generator set control system mainly completes the functions of operation control, power transmission, status monitoring, fault protection and remote monitoring of the diesel generator set, and is generally composed of a main circuit switch cabinet (primary loop) and a control cabinet (secondary loop). The main circuit switch cabinet mainly completes the power transmission, load distribution, switch output and other strong electric control functions of the system, and is composed of output cables, switch devices, current transformers, output interfaces, etc., the selection of the equipment and the determination of the output power of the generator set. And the load distribution technology requirements are determined; and the control cabinet mainly completes various control, detection and protection functions of the system, and is composed of a control circuit, a detection instrument, an operation component and a communication circuit, and the components and circuits are selected and determined by the power generation. The control functions and control requirements of the unit are determined. For the main circuit switchgear, it must be determined according to the power, outlet mode, space size and placement position of the generator set. Therefore, the design of the main circuit switchgear should vary with the genset system. For the control cabinet, a functional form can cover the diesel generator set control system of all power segments. For diesel generator sets with different power sections, only different ratios of ammeters (using digital display and intelligent control cabinet) are selected. Just change the program control parameters). Therefore, the control cabinet can be designed into a series of control cabinets of a specific function to accommodate diesel generator control systems of different powers and functions.

2 Main Overview at Home and Abroad At present, many companies at home and abroad widely use modular control units to form electric control systems for power stations. In particular, many foreign companies have developed and produced control unit modules for generator control systems. For example, British Deep Sea Electronics Co., Ltd. Various unit modules developed by the company; American AMBAC's ESC controller and other unit modules; Czech Kemai Electronics' electrical control unit module; Italy HARSEN's electronic parameter table; UK MEGACON's synchronous parallel system unit module Widely used in the generator set industry. Some domestic industrial control companies have also introduced advanced foreign technology to develop and develop diesel generator control function modules that meet the requirements of China's use. For example, the control module series developed by Guangzhou Sanye Technology Co., Ltd.; DACTS series control developed by Guilin Guangming Technology Co., Ltd. Modules, etc. Many domestic manufacturers have developed a series of high-reliability and high-performance genset control cabinets using these control unit modules, which are widely used in diesel generator sets systems, greatly improving the performance and reliability of diesel generator sets. For the future standardization and series of diesel generator set control system x: 2003~0 winter 01 Li Miao i197 this theory 2 Gansu Yuyuan people irrigation engineer from the internal combustion engine power station and ffs change car power station sales and service work reserved, http: / / design provides a certain technical basis.

3 Advantages of modular design of generator set control system The use of control unit module to form the generator set control system can give full play to the superiority of the generator set electrical control system, and can form different types of control systems according to the requirements of different users, to complete different The control function meets the needs of various users and is extremely convenient to use. Ordinary technicians can complete parameter setting and change through man-machine dialogue. In addition, the modularization of the control system can quickly expand the system control function, develop new products based on the existing technology, and develop its own industry. Through the use of the unit module, we can master the advanced power station control technology and speed up the process of localization of the control unit module, which is conducive to China's generator set industry entering the domestic leading level as soon as possible.

4 Classification and main functions of the control unit module for the generator set According to the current control contents of the generator set and the main control functions, the control unit modules for the generator set can be classified as follows.

4.1 Main Control System Module The main control system module is responsible for the coordination, organization and operation of the generator set control system. It is the central control link of the generator set control system. At present, most of the main control system modules at home and abroad are developed using high-performance microprocessor systems. For example, the DeepSea500 series of British Deep Sea Electronics Co., Ltd. is the core of the diesel generator control system. The module uses the fixed program control method to complete the genset control function. The user only needs to modify some control parameters through man-machine dialogue to meet the different generator sets. Control requirements. The diesel generator set system consisting of the main control system module can complete the self-starting/self-stopping, mains/electromechanical switching, remote communication functions and “automatic functions of “Sancha” of the unit. It can meet the different requirements of many users.

4.2 Unit control protection series The protection function of the generator set mainly includes electrical parameter protection and mechanical parameter protection. The electric parameter protection mainly completes the output voltage, frequency, current, phase loss, short circuit, reverse polarity, reverse flow, etc. of the generator set. Protection function, mechanical parameter protection mainly completes the protection requirements of the unit's mechanical parameters, such as speed, oil pressure, water temperature, oil temperature and other parameters. At present, most of the main control system modules include overspeed, low oil pressure and high water temperature protection.

4.3 Generator Group Power Display Module The generator battery power display module is used to display the voltage, frequency, current, power, power factor and other electrical parameters of the generator set. At present, most domestic manufacturers use pointer-type indicating instruments to complete this display function module. The electric parameter digital display technology replaces the pointer type electric parameter meter, which is the development trend of electric measurement technology in the future, and is also the development direction of improving the electrical measurement precision and connecting to the intelligent instrument.

At present, the high-end intelligent generator set control system has gradually replaced digital pointers with digital meters, but most of the digital display meters used are power system meters. If it can develop a special digital display instrument for diesel generator sets, It will promote the development of test instruments for diesel generator set control cabinets in the future.

4.4 Generator Group Mechanical Parameter Display Module The generator group mechanical parameter display module is mainly used to display diesel engine speed, oil pressure, water temperature, oil temperature, running time, battery voltage and other oil machine parameters. At present, most domestic manufacturers also use the pointer indicating instrument to complete this display function, but many foreign manufacturers have developed a combined digital display function module. The mechanical parameter display technology of the genset also has a tendency of over-expressing from the pointer to the digital display. However, there are few galvanic mechanical parameters and digital display instruments in the country. Therefore, the diesel-specific mechanical parametric digital display instrument is developed, which can be used not only for diesel power generation. The unit can also be used in diesel systems. Will have a certain role in promoting future market development.

4.5 Fault indication and alarm module The fault indication and alarm module mainly indicates the fault content and emits an audible and visual alarm signal. At present, the fault indication and alarm module is mainly indicated by LEDs and accompanied by sound output.

4.6 Remote communication and control module With the development of modern communication technology and network technology, the control function of the generator set is not limited to the nearest control operation, but also requires remote control. These remote control can be performed through serial communication or computer Internet. Wired control, and wireless control operation via mobile phone, wireless remote control, etc. At present, foreign technology related to remote control has matured, and domestic development is still very slow.

4.7 Generator Set Parallel Control Module The generator set can be operated not only in single machine but also in parallel to increase output power and meet the demand of high power supply. In order to meet the requirements of parallel operation, the company has developed a large number of parallel operation for generator sets. The control module, such as the parallel main control module, the synchronous parallel vehicle module, the parallel detection module, etc., can be used to form a generator set parallel control system that meets various requirements.

5 The direction of the development of the genset control system As far as the development direction of the genset control system is concerned, it should be based on the modular combination, that is, the combination of the control modules with different functions according to the different requirements of the users becomes the diesel function of various functions. ,. Many foreign famous factories have developed a combined digital ublis motor group control cabinet system. As far as the current development situation is concerned, it is first necessary to introduce, use and digest existing control modules, and introduce some advanced representative control modules from abroad to understand the usage methods and working principles, and to design and update existing products. Configured for use. On the basis of understanding the functions and technologies, research and development of diesel engine control modules in line with China's actual use and gradually carry out localization and development. Finally, the representative and important modules will be fully localized and developed to meet the needs of domestic users. The genset control module series forms a product with industrial characteristics. The technical performance of China's diesel generator set control system has been improved and it has participated in the competition in the international market.

Liquid crystal (LCD) display technology has been partially applied in the diesel generator set control system, but its popularity in China is not high (mostly LED technology at present), because the temperature range of the liquid crystal display panel itself is narrow, especially in There are certain limitations in military and field use. With the further improvement of the level of science and technology, the technological content of liquid crystal display panels is getting higher and higher, from monochrome display panels to color display panels have been widely used in high-tech industries such as telecommunications and computers. It is believed that liquid crystal (LCD) display technology will be widely used in genset control systems in the near future.

Touch screen control technology is a high-tech with high technology level and strong man-machine dialogue control performance. It has been widely used in communication systems. If this technology is combined with configuration software for diesel generator set control system, it will make diesel power generation. The use and operation of the unit control system is more convenient.

6 Conclusion With the further development of science and technology, computer control technology has been widely used in all walks of life, the control module developed by microcomputer control chip technology with its superior performance and convenient use more and more in diesel power generation It is applied in the unit control system. It is believed that in future applications, the genset control cabinet using the combination of control modules will become the mainstream direction of the intelligent control system of diesel generator sets.

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