Study on the Change of Soil Moisture by Portable Soil Moisture Temperature Tester

Changes in soil moisture have a great influence on crop growth and soil structure. The portable soil moisture temperature measuring instrument can detect and analyze soil moisture changes in real time and continuously.
Because of the combination of atmospheric precipitation, crop evapotranspiration and soil moisture movement, the dynamic variation of soil moisture is created. Therefore, studying the variation law of soil moisture is helpful to study the relationship between crop yield and fertilization and moisture, which is the basis of agricultural development. Sex work. The soil moisture content in the experimental area was measured using a portable soil moisture temperature and temperature tester. The average soil moisture in the test area was 0 to 200 cm withering 70.4 g/kg, and the field average water holding capacity was 152.5 g/kg, equivalent to that in the 200 cm soil layer. The maximum effective water storage is 404.9mm. The average infiltration rate in the first 1 min measured in the field using a permeation canister method can reach 12 mm/min, and after 24 min, the infiltration can be basically achieved. The infiltration rate is 1.2 mm/min. This result is close to the soil infiltration rate measured in the Loess Plateau and belongs to a better type of permeability. This is closely related to the higher content of water-stable aggregates in 0-20 cm and 20-35 cm soil layers. The soil moisture content was measured with a portable soil moisture meter. The depth was 200 cm per 10 cm layer. The moisture data of 10 positioning observation points were analyzed and analyzed, and the variation law of soil moisture in the test area was obtained.
The change of surface soil moisture content was the largest, reflecting that precipitation and evapotranspiration had a greater impact on the surface soil moisture content, and less impact on the underlying soil moisture content change. It shows that precipitation and evapotranspiration have little effect on the soil moisture in the lower layer. Changes in soil moisture in different soil layers can be described by the coefficient of variation CV. We make a regression analysis of the average value of the coefficient of variation of the soil moisture content at different observation points with the depth of the soil profile, and conclude that the coefficient of variation CV decreases with the depth as a function of power.
The determination of soil moisture by the portable soil moisture temperature quick-measuring instrument has certain influence on the change of soil moisture. The soil moisture content of the phosphate fertilizer treatment is lower than that of the nitrogen fertilizer treatment, indicating that the phosphate fertilizer has a special role in promoting the development of the root system and enhancing the absorption and utilization of soil moisture. The soil water content after fertilization was significantly lower than that of the unfertilized soil. The soil moisture content of phosphate fertilizer treatment was significantly lower than that of nitrogen fertilizer soil. After fertilization, the degree of soil water use by plants increased.

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