The world's first all-carbon fiber luxury yacht will debut

The Delta 54 Carbon Cruiser, launched by Sweden's Delta Powerboats, is similar in size to the Lamborghini supercar, which weighs 30% less than the same type of yacht, but with a faster speed, it will give Chinese players the feeling of driving a supercar at sea.
According to the ship's Asian agent, Hongwei Navit, the Delta 54 was sought after by many buyers at the Hong Kong Gold Coast Yacht Show in May this year. The company is currently busy arranging an exclusive trial experience for VIP customers. Zheng Weitu, managing director of Navette, said that the company's next goal is to introduce this novel yacht to lovers and buyers in mainland China. The Shenzhen Yacht Show will be their first stop.

"Sea Supercar"
Roger Samuelsson, CEO of Asian agent Navit, lived in Sweden when he was young. He sailed to the sea from the age of 6. He described the feeling of driving this all-carbon yacht, "just like driving a supercar at sea!" Delta's handling performance is outstanding, light and stable on the water, powerful engine and built-in Volvo IPS also makes driving particularly enjoyable . In addition, Delta's elegant and streamlined Nordic design and 360-degree open view windows are breathtaking.
Roger Samuelsson, who has lived in Asia for more than 20 years, is very optimistic about the market potential in Asia. “Especially the top passengers in Greater China, after years of economic abundance, more and more attention to taste and texture for leisure life,” he believes in Delta Powerboats. The concept of fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly shipbuilding will be popular in Asia and become an important selling point.

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