No credit card for hard car rental in Spring Festival

Less than a month before the Spring Festival, the Guangzhou car rental market opened ahead of schedule. Some of the tightly-knit models were robbed and emptied. It was hard to get a manual car. The difference from previous years is that many car rental companies in Guangzhou have explicitly requested from this year that all stores do not support cash payments and the first rental car needs to be paid by credit card.
    Ms. Wang, who works in Guangzhou, recently consulted with several car rental companies. She intends to rent a car to her hometown in other provinces. Originally thought that it is too early to rent a car, but when he asked several car rental companies in Yili, Shenzhou, etc., he was told that half of the vehicles had been rented out, especially the more stringent "street cars." “I don’t have a credit card yet. They said that no card wouldn’t allow a car rental!” After consulting with her family, Ms. Wang decided to apply for a credit card and rent an affordable car. She carefully calculated an account, the recent drop in oil prices, coupled with the Spring Festival Express free of charge, a family of five people from the driving expenses, will not be higher than high-speed rail. But now she is worried that if the credit card cannot be done in time, the Lunar New Year car rental plan will probably be taken care of.

The worry of car renters is not unfounded. According to the China Car Rental, which earlier opened the Lunar New Year car rental business, it revealed that it has accepted the Spring Festival booking from December 3 last year and will fully open the gate after 2015 New Year's Day. At present, half of the vehicles in Guangzhou have been fully occupied. Among them, the manual transmission trolley is even more fully booked. As for the credit card issue that the public is concerned about, China’s car rental industry reminds that there is no trouble with a credit card rental car.

In addition to China's car rental, car rental companies such as Yilan and Ruika have similar regulations. The recent regulations on car rental are more direct, “National stores do not support cash payments, and the first rental users need credit cards.” According to a number of car rental companies, Guangzhou Car Rental Co., Ltd. has paid more attention to the renter’s credit card since this year, especially for the first time renting a car, renting a premium car, and renting an overseas car. Without a credit card, it would be difficult to rent a car.

According to the relevant person in charge of the China Car Rental Corporation, if there are car owners with no credit card, if there are relatives and friends holding a credit card guarantee, some car rental companies may be able to open a network, but this year and later requirements will only become more stringent. For those who intend to go out of the Spring Festival by car, most car rental companies in the United States and Europe require that the renter must hold a personal VISA or MasterCard credit card.

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