China's small and medium-sized lighting companies have great pressure to survive

At present, China's lighting industry has begun to take shape. The lighting enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized, and the two-level differentiation of industry development is serious. To achieve success under the pressure of small and medium-sized lighting enterprises, we must seize the opportunity of transformation and upgrading. The lighting industry has entered a period of rapid development, and the number and scale of small and medium-sized enterprises are also rapidly increasing and expanding. Small and medium-sized lighting companies undoubtedly play an increasingly important role in prospering the economy, increasing employment, promoting innovation and stimulating new economic growth points. Although China's small and medium-sized lighting enterprises are still developing, there are still problems such as small scale, low competitiveness, and lack of talents. However, opportunities and challenges always coexist. The lighting market has not yet entered a mature stage, and the space for small and medium-sized lighting enterprises can still be greatly expanded. . Economies of scale have become the golden rule, and it is the ultimate goal of lighting entrepreneurs to absorb funds and expand the scale of enterprises. Indeed, scale production will lower costs and companies will be able to obtain more profits. However, in today's complex market, de-scale has its own existence. This means that small and medium-sized lighting companies can also fight against opponents much larger than themselves. Compared with large enterprises, small and medium-sized lighting companies spend less time on management and can devote more energy to innovation and confront big companies. Too large a scale is a hindrance to the innovation of large enterprises. Therefore, at this level, small and medium-sized lighting companies tend to absorb new ideas at a lower cost. In the era of the Internet, small and medium-sized lighting companies need to be good at leveraging their strengths, adjusting their development strategies, facing difficulties, and finally succeeding.

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