The advantage of pest report lamp in pest forecasting

The city of Daye in southeastern Hubei has a mild climate and abundant rainfall. Many crops can grow here. Among them rice, wheat, rape, etc. are all common and very important crops in this area. In recent years, with the adjustment of the planting structure, the distribution of crops has changed greatly. The planting area of ​​crops such as soybeans, sesame, sorghum, melons, grapes, sugar cane, Chinese herbal medicines, and vegetables has rapidly expanded, and the crops such as wheat and ramie have been planted. The area is reduced; the planting area of ​​cotton and tea is basically stable. Due to the changes in crop species and layout, the diversity of pests has caused a certain degree of difficulty in pest monitoring and reporting. With the continuous enrichment of modern plant protection measures, the application of pest forecast lamps is highly recommended.

In the past, the monitoring of pests used field surveys. One pest needed to systematically survey a few plots, or even more than 10 plots, and relied on bamboo rods to moth and washbasins to conduct surveys. The surveyors had high work intensity, low efficiency, and application of insect pests. After the lamp is measured, it can use the characteristics of insect phototaxis to trap a variety of pests, and the reporter can simply grasp the counts of various pests to understand the occurrence trends of various pests.

There is a sudden increase in the number of migratory pests. It is difficult to judge the exact time of migration by relying on artificial field surveys that are not only labor-intensive, but also move during the interval between two surveys. The insect report light can accurately capture the peak period of pest infestation. For example, there were two significant relocation landing peaks for rice planthoppers on September 16 and 22, 2003, and the total insect population was 656 on September 16; It is 714 heads. According to this pest situation, I stationed an emergency notice on the prevention and control of rice planthoppers in a timely manner so that later rice could avoid the damage of rice planthoppers.

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