Bus manufacturers actively develop business areas to respond to market saturation

After seeing the American film "Forrest Gump," it is human. Apart from being infected with Agan's enthusiasm for life, the most likely is the American school bus culture. The number of school buses in the United States is 440,000, and a daily transfer of 25 million is required. Primary and secondary school students, accounting for 54% of all primary and secondary school students, play a decisive role.
In addition, the competition in the passenger car industry in China is becoming increasingly fierce. The products in the large and medium-sized passenger car sectors from 7 meters to 13.7 meters in length are very rich, and there are many configurations available for customers to choose from. With more and more homogeneous products, market competition has become more and more cruel, and bus companies must find new areas.
Compared with the popularity of school buses in the United States, China’s total population is several times that of the United States. The total demand for school buses will at least double the market space for passenger cars. According to the fact that it is less conservative, the total demand for school buses in China will exceed 1 million in the future, and the annual renewal volume will reach 100,000 to 150,000. The million-meter school bus market can drive a new industry chain of 40 billion yuan. On the other hand, the first national standard for primary school cars, the "Safety Technical Conditions for School Buses for Specialized Schoolchildren" was formally implemented, and the contradiction between "student safety" and "urban congestion" was prominent. As a carrier for solving problems, the role of school buses in China has become increasingly evident.
Domestic bus manufacturers have begun to pay attention to this promising market. FAW buses, Huanghai buses, Changan buses, Hengtong buses and Ankai buses have all developed corresponding products.
At the same time, the development in the field of special vehicles has also become a trend of competition among major manufacturers.
Due to the small proportion of private buses in the passenger car industry, in recent years, as the country has attached great importance to public industries such as medical and power emergency protection systems, the demand for special-purpose special vehicles has increased year by year, and blood collection vehicles using passenger cars as platforms have been increasing. Special passenger vehicles such as medical examination vehicles, advertisement vehicles, emergency command vehicles, and ambulances are showing rapid growth.
The development of the private bus industry in China is relatively late and there is still much room for development. From the standpoint of product variety, at present, there are more than 7,000 kinds of special passenger cars in the world, and there are only 1,000 kinds of domestic buses. From the perspective of product types, there is a large market potential for private buses. The profit rate of a private bus is 20% to 30%, while that of ordinary passenger cars is less than 10%. A 6-meter ordinary passenger car converted into a special car after the price of 300,000 yuan, ordinary passenger car price is only 100,000 yuan.
In 2011, Yutong Bus, a well-known domestic manufacturer, launched the ZK5130XZH emergency traffic command vehicle with full system communication command function. This special vehicle information system is advanced, enabling high-information data aggregation, real-time online communication and multimedia display, and full system The communication command function can carry out local meetings of 6 to 8 people, and can organize, plan and coordinate emergencies in all directions through the video conference system, and achieve interconnection and interoperation with the command center, which is suitable for deploying large-scale command systems.
In addition to accelerating development and expanding market share in the school bus industry, major bus manufacturers have expanded their businesses to areas such as heavy trucks and light trucks. Last year, Suzhou Jinlong launched light passengers. This year, Suzhou Jinlong will also launch pickup trucks and launch SUVs and MPVs. According to the development of the business, the relevant person in charge of Suzhou Jinlong thinks that “because of the fierce competition in the passenger car market in China, the overall market capacity is not large. The first group of Suzhou Jinlong Group has a relatively high market share and a relatively small space for development, and the light vehicle market shows a steady development trend. The demand for pickup trucks in the third and fourth tier markets is increasing, and its safety and comfort are also increasing. Passivity is better than micro facets and micro cards, and it has a relatively large demand in the international market.” On the other hand, Yutong has recruited heavy truck projects and built production lines. In the highly competitive heavy truck field, whether Yutong can occupy a place, let us wait and see.
Bus manufacturers are actively developing their businesses to cope with market saturation. In the increasingly saturated traditional passenger car sector, major domestic manufacturers are exploring and innovating, actively exploring, and locking up the future market in the area of ​​new bus and business development. In the increasingly fierce market competition, there are many independent enterprises such as bus companies. If we can learn from the bus manufacturers' strategy to cope with the market, we believe that the future market is still quite broad.

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