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Concrete Mixer Structure Introduction

1 、Agitator

The mixing cylinder is the main component of the concrete transport vehicle and consists mainly of the cylinder body, the sealing tube, the blades and the mixing leaves. The funnel-shaped sealing tube ensures smooth feeding. The curved blades contribute to the discharge performance of low slump concrete. Holes are formed in the blade, which can reduce the adhesion of the concrete and facilitate the improvement of ready-mixed concrete. the quality of. The entire mixing cylinder is installed above the bracket, and there are two supporting rollers on the front. The mixing cylinder is provided with a manhole for easy maintenance.

2 、Transmission system

The transmission system adopts the power-taking mode of the original vehicle engine, that is, the power is output through the chassis engine, and the power is transmitted to the variable plunger hydraulic pump through the universal coupling. The high-pressure oil of the hydraulic pump drives the fixed-quantity piston motor, and the hydraulic motor drives the power. Transfer to the reducer and drive the mixing drum for positive or reverse rotation to achieve feed agitation, agitation and discharge. The output flange of the reducer can be deflected in the range of + 6 °, which can compensate the movement of the axis of the mixing drum. The position ensures that the driving of the mixer drum is not affected by the distortion of the car during driving.

3 , hydraulic system

Hydraulic system consists of hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, oil filter, fuel tank, high pressure oil pipe, low pressure oil pipe, oil return pipe and filter and other components. The hydraulic pump is equipped with a manual servo adjustment handle, which can adjust the flow and flow of hydraulic oil to control the diversion and rotation speed of the mixing cylinder. The forward and reverse rotation of the mixing drum can be steplessly speed regulated.

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