LED lighting is fully popularized, product integration, arrow on the string

With the approach of LED lighting popularization, the cost has become the last rope to affect the gate, and technological innovation to promote cost reduction has become an urgent issue. The advantage of standardization, automation, and large-scale production management modules is to effectively reduce costs, while the performance and price of new products for power-based LEDs are more competitive. The product integration arrow is on the string, and it has to be found that the whole lighting industry market is flat and highly transparent. There are many people working on the panel lights, but the cost has always been high. We are driven by ourselves. If we simply drive, we will be in the market. The pressure to survive on this practice is already very large. In order to deal with this problem, we choose to do something service-oriented, bundled things. Therefore, on the road of LED, I feel that every year I have to think hard about how to develop new things. Now is such a situation, if you are a power source, if your breed is very simple, then your competitiveness is not strong enough; if you have too many varieties, your cost will be high. There are some cold ice products, sometimes a batch of production, Maori can not earn back. Product integration is deeper, nothing more than two lines, one line is ordinary, the other is our stroboscopic suppressor, then our power supply is equivalent to the integration of multiple products into one series, the integration of customers The cost of research and development will be much lower. We have applied for our own structural patents and design patents. There are two development directions today. The first is that if the current product is being used and its competitive pressure is increased, I can postpone it and implement the full set. The second is that when my product is about to start in the end market, I can do the integration. De-energy is a technology threat. It is a popular trend to turn to power supply and become a trend in the industry. What do you think about de-powering? Where are its advantages and disadvantages? In fact, there is a very complicated relationship among them. Why are we now talking about market segments and winning the market segment? What we are pursuing now is this idea, including our research and development is also following this line of thinking. For de-energization, the LED product itself is a semiconductor series. It is true that this market will exist, and there is a trend to continue to expand in the future, because we have also looked at it, including foreign markets, including Philips, Osram. Large factories have more or less in contact with the process of powering. From a professional point of view, there are several ways to avoid the defect of power supply. There is no way to avoid it. First, its adaptability will be poor, and the adaptability to the electrical environment will be worse. I think there will be this problem. . We also have to test the power supply products, such as household bulbs. From the perspective of power saving and low price, it is not much different from energy-saving lamps. It can be said that it is on products such as home bulbs. Will rush a certain amount. However, in terms of commercial photos, the cost of installation itself is relatively high. In this case, they are not only concerned with the price and power saving, they have other requirements for the lamps themselves. . In addition, the compatibility of the power supply itself will be poor. On the whole, today's innovative semiconductor technology is changing with each passing day. Any change can be made. We also attach great importance to this. It should be highly valued for this enterprise, nor is it a threat to the current power industry. In fact, his threat comes from the further maturity of technology. If one day, when it comes to power supply and becomes a major trend in the industry, at least our automation equipment, automation combination, and other services for automation can keep up. Scale development to create anti-risk products In fact, the entire LED industry is in a period of high shock, so this time I feel that we should actually modularize the entire operation of our company. This modular operation is a means for our enterprises to avoid risks. one. The projects that are now being invested are also increasing, and profitability is not the primary development issue. The survival of enterprises today is the problem. In this respect, our resonant electronic automatic line is built up, and next year's development is not a problem. Under normal circumstances, companies can't invest too much in transitional products. Because you invest too much in transitional products, the risk of this enterprise increases. It should be increased in products that can mature gradually in the next two to three years. Invest. By doing so, you can get ahead of the competition faster than other companies. In fact, de-energy is not a problem faced by a single enterprise, but a problem faced by the entire industry. Instead of slowly transitioning between me and me, I feel that it is better to have a long-term pain than to take a step forward. It is not a direct cut, but a R&D department to develop this product. This may be a more effective method. Therefore, many companies that are doing power supply are in an awkward state. This piece of meat has nothing to be done, but you can't do it without it. If you don't have to starve, you can only continue to swear. If you wash the product now, the eyes of the company must be fixed on the mainstream and non-mainstream. The mainstream products are the products that may go half a step ahead of the market. It is nothing more than technological transformation and price sinking. However, relying on this product to hit the market, the company's profit margin is very small, then the other eye of the company has to focus on the future products, the company has to develop other competitive products, even in terms of functions. Make some appropriate adjustments. But these have no future. The future lies in the eyes of the company that are desperately focused on what you are best at, and at the same time can earn market products.

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